Monday, September 27, 2010

Set Your Heart Above, Not Below

Good morning. My encouragement to you this week is to do what is right even when it's difficult. You will never be shamed when you fix your heart to the will of God.

Psalm 37:37 Consider the blameless and observe the upright, there is a future for the man of peace. Like I said above, continue to push to do what is right and just. There will be no shame, embarrassment, or sadness when we do what is right in the sight of the Lord. The one thing it grants us is peace. So many search for real peace but very few actually find it. When we fix our heart on the Lord and do what is just, God will always grant us peace. Peace within our minds and our hearts. Do not let our sinful nature destroy us. Do everything you can to fight your sinful nature. The peace we all want isn't just found, it is sought. You want peace, seek it. Go for it. I guarantee you if you do what is right in the sight of the Lord, you will always have peace because you know that you are blameless. There is no guilt to be found. There may be those who will despise you for fixing your heart on God but do not let it bother you. That anger causes them upheaval in themselves while you rest in peace of mind, body, and spirit. I think we all can live with that. I leave with Job 22:21," Submit to God and be at peace with him, in this way prosperity will come to you." Be Blessed...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Be grateful for God's Grace

There is nothing we can do nor is there any great amount of labor that can make anything grow without the grace of God. Believe in the faithfulness and goodness of God in every part of your life.

We can work and work and work until our fingers fall off. But without God in the picture, there is nothing your labor can bring about. In 1 Corinthians 3:1-11, Paul does an awesome job of telling this. God is the only thing that can make our work grow. There is nothing we can do or anything we have done that can enable growth in our lives without the grace of God. At times we let our prideful nature overrule our faith in God. We have a tendency to want to invite God in certain parts of lives. This is where we fail. Paul argues in Rom 11:6. If man could merit salvation, God's grace would not be necessary. Life doesn't work like that period. God's grace is such a necessary and beautiful part of our lives. Think of that feeling you get when you've worked for something tirelessly and cried hopelessly only to come up with nothing. Then when you are ready to give up on the situation, the situation corrects itself completely. You can't stop smiling when you look back at where you were. The situation didn't just work itself out. That is the feeling of the Grace of God. That is how the grace of God works. Not just to show up when things are bad, absolutely not. The Grace of God is part of God's character. "But He, being compassionate, forgave their iniquity, and did not destroy them; and often He restrained His anger, and did not arouse all His wrath "(Psalm 78:38). God is compassionate to our desires and our wants. He forgives us despite the depth of our sins. We need to believe in the faithfulness of God but that means being faithful to God ourselves. We need to have faith that God will bless our lives and the courage to stand for him everyday despite what the world may say. Stand for God every day. I hope that you have received Christ in your life already. God's grace is a gift and he wants you to share in this gift. Let God rule over your life and allow his Grace to be a part of your life every day. Thank him for this abundant grace which God is blessing you with every day...Be Blessed...

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Choose the Lord..

Consciously choose the Lord. Choose his ways no matter what it may cost you. He will strengthen you to endure and he will empower you to succeed. The Lord will be faithful to you at all times.
Everyone, my encouragement to you is to choose God first. Make him your first choice always. Choose his ways no matter how much you will have to sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice your time, relationships, etc. No matter what, be willing to do it. You may feel uncomfortable at first bit believe that God will always reassure that you did the right thing. He will give you all the strength you need to endure because I know it can be hard at times. Sacrifice is not always the easiest thing to do. Have you ever given someone a dollar and think," Did I really have that dollar to spare?" You mull over it at times to the point you may even try to seek out another dollar. This seems small but it is just an example. You can apply this analogy to other parts in your life. My point is that it isn't easy all the time. Pray to God that he gives you the strength to endure the hardships that could come your way. He will empower you to stand firm on your choice in him. He will give you the power to stand firm in doing the right thing. It is much easier to do what we want to do rather than what we should do. Choose the Lord. he will help you very step of the way because he is faithful to you. He will never let you travel the road alone..Be Blessed..