Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Shall Overcome...

My encouragement to you this morning is to live your life in the victory of Jesus! Christ was not defeated by death and we will not be defeated by our trials!! Remember who you serve. We can & will overcome.

Live your life as a winner. No more living your life as a loser. You have been saved through the sacrifice of the Most High, Jesus Christ. What he did for us on the cross was something many of us do not have the courage to do. He looked down the road of death, knowing he could escape it, and forged ahead to die for us. Who were the winners of this sacrifice? All of us who live in Christ. We are the ones who have won so much for what he did on that good Friday. It was sadness to bring happiness. A lot of us just don't understand though that we are all victors in the name of Jesus. Life can be so very hard but with Christ we will overcome all of the things which bear us down and make us feel defeated. We will never be defeated because we live for a God who has been winning on our behalf since we were born. God knows no FAILURE. You will never see God in the Bible with failure being attached to his name. Joshua 1:5 " No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you." Joshua was just installed as the leader of God's people but God knew Joshua lived for him. And he said he will never forsake Joshua. If we are living for God, God will never fore sake you either. That doesn't mean this life will be easy but I guarantee, this life will never break you because you know who you serve. Live in discipline, love, & wisdom. You will see your life changing and getting better. There is always room for us to grow. Let us grow with God. Let us grow with his spirit. We shall always overcome...Be Blessed..

Monday, April 11, 2011

God will make YOU better..

My encouragement to you this week is to keep working to be the best person you can be. Let the Lord be your foundation of all your progress. Bring it to God in prayer. The Lord will never turn his ear away from those who seek him with their hearts.

We were not meant to be perfect in this life. We will never be anything perfect in this life. But that does not mean we are not supposed to keep working to be the best we can be. We are all born with sin and faults within us. But how long will we be a slave to these things. How long will we be a slave to our shortcomings? Why are we so hesitant to fix the areas of our lives WE KNOW need work? I know that it can be very, very hard to change but pray that God will be the help you need to fix your problems. Bring everything, EVERYTHING to God in prayer. We all need to make God the foundation of the changes we want to make in our lives. We may have to struggle with it, but it will all be worth it. Our perseverance will shape our character. The character that we develop will strengthen our hope in God and that he can be turn around the darkest areas of our lives. We just have to seek the Lord with our hearts earnestly. The Lord may not respond immediately but he will respond!!..Be blessed..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take a Stand for Christ!!!

Good morning. My encouragement to you this week is to stand with Christ & work tirelessly to advance his Kingdom. God will help you. God will stand with you. God will never turn his face from you. What you do for Christ is not in vain.

Did anyone ever say being s Christian was one of the easiest things in the world? I hope no one tried to sell you this lie. It gets much easier and much more natural to live when we practice at it daily but it does start with its struggles. It's much harder when we don't know where we stand. One foot in and foot out is not the way to live our faith. We tend to want to keep just a part of us in the world. I know at times I catch myself doing the exact same thing. I claim to be no better. I still have things that I'm struggling with but I know I am actively trying to STAND ONLY FOR CHRIST. It is ongoing and can be a little tough but it is worth every minute to know that God is my help. God is my rock. I will stand with Christ. I know my identity. I have confidence in God. I have the evidence to show he will stand with me. Therefore, it is my responsibility to stand for the kingdom and to work without weary to win souls for Christ and to consistently draw people closer to the kingdom. My life will and needs to be an example. He will reward my effort in every way. I know our Christian life can be hard but we can do this!!! We must work together. What we do for Christ will never be in vain...Be Blessed...