Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be a Light to the World!

My encouragement to you this week is conduct yourself in a manner truly pleasing to the Lord. Pray to him in total faithfulness. Love others as God loves you. Praise God for where you are ,no matter what, and where you expect God to take you! Be a living sacrifice. A light to the world!
Are you living a life for Christ? Are you living a life that is pleasurable to the Lord? Are you walking the hard walk of a servant of Christ with your best in conduct? Maybe you aren't perfect at it. Good chance you aren't but are you giving it an honest try to make that happen? I pray that you are. God is faithful to all of us who turn our hearts to him. God is faithful to all of us who are learning to trust God in all facets of our lives. God knows it isn't easy bit he will show himself to you along the way to show that it's worth it. Every minute! Pray to God in total, total faithfulness!! Give God the praise that he deserves and trust God like never before. Trust God to make the dreams of your mind realities. Trust God to get you through. Trust God to take the little you have and make it so much more. In the same love that God is giving you, give it to someone else. Show someone the compassion that God has been giving you over and over again. Give others love. If we give others love, they may feel inclined to give it to other people. Love one another with a deep affection. Love people so we can live in more peace with each other. It goes a long way. And praise God for who God has been on our lives no matter what we are dealing with in our lives! When you worship and praise God, there will be place for you tomorrow because of the praise you give him today! don't shy away from giving God all of the praise he is owed for the mountains he continually moves in our lives. When we praise, live in faith, and spread love to others we are a LIGHT to the world. We are a light to the world! We are spreading the mission and the kingdom of God when we are doing these things. Of course there is more to be done, but what a great foundation of faith, love, and praise!...Be Blessed..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prayer: What a Gift!

My encouragement to you this week is to respect the power of prayer. Prayer pushes your faith forward. Prayer connects you to closer to God. Prayer gives strength to bear trouble. Prayer gives you passion. Prayer gives us the power to overcome, EVERYTHING! Pray without ceasing!

Do you truly understand the power of your prayer?Do you understand how prayer can be the difference between you going that extra mile and you giving up? Prayer is the most powerful gift and asset to the lives of anyone who has breath in their nostrils to pray. Prayer is an immeasurable asset because it can impact areas in our life that we feel totally helpless about. Prayer changes! Prayer is so great. Prayer brings you so much closer to God. Prayer makes God so much more real to your life. prayer will help you trust God a lot more. It will lead you seek his word more often. You will want God to draw you close at all times in knowing that God can change. Prayer will enable you to carry burdens that you wouldn't have ever before. Why? Because you believe that these burdens can be lifted by God, The hope that you have in God to change will enable you to carry these burdens. Prayer will light a fire in your heart. Prayer will make you want to push so far forward. You believe that things can change. You believe in the endless possibilities God can make for you. Prayer gives us all power to overcome everything in this wold that can be thrown at at us. And you don't have to pray with the biggest of words to be heard. We just open our mouths and pour out are desires to the Lord and God is listening. He may not respond on your time but he will respond ON TIME! We become more empowered knowing that God is listening and ready to take us up on our word. I guarantee God will not put any of your prayers to shame. God asks us to meet him and God will meet us! God will turn sadness into joy but we have to PRAY! Exalt God as the bringer of change. Exalt God as the only one capable of making something from our nothing. Give your life so God can give you life. I understand you may doubt yourself but don't ever doubt the Lord. God is the peace in the midst of all our confusion. Pray! It will center your mind back to that REALITY!!! We can overcome everything through prayer. In 2Cor 10:4-5, it says our weapons are not of this world to fight! With prayer nothing is impossible as said in Matthew 17:20. That is truth! Be Blessed....