Monday, February 20, 2012

Fight. Pray. Believe.

My encouragement to you is to TRUST God will never leave us so FIGHT the good fight of faith. Our circumstances will tell us to have no hope in God or in ourselves. Trust in God. Believe in yourself.You are powerful, not helpless! Stay in PRAYER. Believe that God is able in EVERYTHING.

Fight the good fight of faith. Yes, I said fight. Because for some of us that's exactly what it is. And most of the time the opponent is ourselves. Sadly. We are fighting with our mind half of the time not totally trusting God. Saying all the right things to others but our words mean very little to ourselves. Saints, you are going to have to fight. You have to push yourself to trust God and believe that His grace and mercy are everlasting. They endure forever. Why does God always have to prove to us His existence? How many times must God reveal himself to us for us to think, " God that wasn't good enough." You may not say it like that but check if your actions don't reflect that. There is a good fight of faith we have to fight to ALWAYS believe in God and what He can do for us despite what the circumstance is for us. God says he will show up at all times and He will if we trust God to be God. Don't tempt God into acting faster for us. No! God always steps in on time. Always. Be faithful. Look over your life and you know you have all reason to trust God. He has shown up again and again and again. Just for you.
Don't let your circumstances tell you that your situation is a lost cause. Trust you aren't the only one to have been in a tough spot before. God has pulled through A LOT of people before your time, during your time, and will continue after you leave this earth. Don't let your hard times dictate your faith. You have to be all in all the time. When you feel the weight on you, recall the burdens He has lifted and immediately start thanking Him for that. Immediately. It will help you realize, if the Lord has heard you before, He is still listening to you now. Don't let a thing about your problem influence you to quit on yourself or quit on the Lord.
You have power. You have prayer. If you truly believe in the power of prayer, you know that you have power beyond measure. Believe. Believe. Believe. God will not fail you. God is able to do it all. It takes full-time faith in God. Full-time that God is there in good and bad. Period. Let's start anew and reach for God daily. Chase after him. Believe that you have power. Believe that God is truly faithful and amazing....Be Blessed...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

God is Able, You are Able...Believe!

<p>My encouragement to you this week is to be positive about yourself &amp; your circumstances. You're an amazing person created by a faithful, loving God. Nothing is impossible using the strength of God. Trust him. Believe in you. Be positive and keep going forward knowing you have the GREATEST support.

How much belief do you have in yourself? How well do feel about yourself? I hope you feel good about both of these things. You need incredible belief in yourself and to feel good about the person you. You are special and blessed with many gifts and talents. You should be positive about yourself. Realize the beauty in yourself. Realize the greatness in you because it is all there. You may be going through tough times. We all do. This is where you must be your biggest fan. You have to tell yourself that you can do this. You can take this on knowing that your efforts will return with a good result. If that voice of motivation in your head isn't one of the first thing to get you going, don't expect the words of others to mean that much more. You have to believe in self and that you can overcome your problems. I'm sure it's hard and it hurts but kicking yourself and losing faith yourself is not the answer. Loving yourself and pushing yourself will always be the answer.

But the biggest reason to be positive: God. Again, you are an amazing person created by God. God doesn't want you to fail. God doesn't want you to be unhappy. Every good thing a parent wants for their child is what God wants for you. He is faithful and loving. Turn to him. Call to God to help you get where you best effort is falling short. Not to say it's not good enough but God has a key to open all the doors needing to be opened n our lives. Stay prayerful. Stay in prayer. E. M. Bounds says " We can do nothing without prayer. All things can be done by importunate prayer. It surmounts or removes all obstacles, overcomes every resisting force and gains its ends in the face of invincible hindrances." That is powerful truth. God is our greatest support. Our shield and strength. Go on and tackle your problems. Exert patience and be confident. Be confident in God and in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect to be successful? Wipe your tears. It's fine to cry but you have to remember who you are and remember that you are watched by the Lord. He wants you to be happy. It takes full-time faith in God and self. Don't lose it...Be Blessed...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let God be Seen Through You!

My encouragement to you is to appreciate and praise God for His grace. God will give us many, many blessings. Pray God give you wisdom to use what He's given you. Thank & appreciate God for His grace. Tell the world how God is working in your life!

I really mean this. God's grace is something I think gets overlooked so so often because we take our daily routines for granted more than we should. We are expected to wake up, go to work/school, etc. There are people who envy where you are in your life. Praise God for all the grace He has given to you in your life. I'm sure your life is far, far from perfect. Not even half the way you may even like it. But praise God for the evidence of His grace in your life. God is an awesome Provider. Whether He is showing up big or small at the time, He is STILL and ALWAYS worthy of some praise!
God will bless us so much in our life. Make sure we use the blessings with some wisdom. Some people get a new job, spouse, or some opportunity and have no clue how to properly use what God has given to you. Pray to God that you use the blessings given to you wisely AND in a way that you can help another person. Don't squander or take for granted the gifts and blessings God has entrusted you with. Some blessings may not show themselves initially too but God will do something to shake your foundation for your good and the good of the Lord.
God has given you tremendous grace. Shout it out for the world to KNOW who you serve and why do you serve Him! Let the world know the fruit of His grace in your life. Let the world know how He has delivered you! The world needs to see and know God and they can see God through you if you are willing to shout out His name. Not only when a good things happens. Talk about God when you're hurting. Talk about God in your confusion. Talk about God at all times. It helps you see God and others see God in you!