Friday, September 28, 2012

Get up and Walk in Faith.

My encouragement to you this week is don't be afraid to fall pursuing your goals. You can always get up. You must get up! God won't quit on you ever so don't you ever do it to yourself! Don't walk in fear. Walk in faith of God's perfect plan for you!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We all have to make decisions in life. And one of the hardest decisions ironically for many of us is whether we should get up after we fall. Sounds trivial and like an easy decision but it is actually one of the hardest decisions we have to make ever. When we fall, it hurts. Think when we are running and we fall. We have to get over the pain. Sometimes we have to get over the embarrassment of who saw me fall afterwards.

Those two obstacles get to us in life. Let's address the first one: The Pain. The pain of falling can seem unbearable at times. We all hate falling too. I hate it. That means I have lost my balance. We hate losing our balance in life. We like when we have that balance in life, naturally. We have this sense of peace because we get the balance of our life. But when that balance is taken from us, it hurts to fall. The next question, and yes it is question for some of us, do we try and get up? Or do we stay on the floor? Get up. That is always the answer. It is so easy to wanna stay where you are. Get up. You must get up. When you stay down, you have impeded profess. Period. You have to rise up. God didn't make you weak or put a spirit of weakness in you. He put more power in you than you can even imagine.

Don't walk in fear of falling again. It will hurt again but don't let fear stop you from anything! Fear is not made for you. Anytime you want to do something for yourself, it comes with challenges. The challenge may seem almost unbearable. But don't be fearful. Take the falls. Take the loss of peace and press forward with your goal in mind. Keep chasing God to get your goal. Don't stop until you are blessed and don't let go until you are blessed by God. Don't give up on God because He will never give up on you. Like the song says: "God is able to do just what He said He would do. He's gonna fulfill every promise to you." Sure enough God will. May take some time but God will. Rely on God. Not on man. It is good to struggle with others who will build you up in faith. But you rely on God to get you where you want to end up.

God has a plan for you. But quitting does not get you there. Fear will not get you there. Being afraid to fall again will not get you there.  It will happen. A baby takes months to learn to walk. They fall many times but they don't stop until they learn to walk. Like a baby, they have someone watching them as they walk to make sure they don't fall and hurt too badly. Think of God. The Father who is watching us as we walk to our goals. God the Father who watches us as we walk try to make sure our fall isn't to bad but understanding we have to fall to learn to walk correctly...Be Blessed...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep climbing! No more quitting!

My encouragement to you this week is to stop quitting on your journey because it's hard. Struggle and accomplish what you set out to do! Exercise faith! Faith releases confidence. If your faith is in God, be confident. He has shown up before and He will this time too!

When has it become OK to quit? And I am not talking about walking away from something that doesn't benefit you. There is truly a difference. Walking away can be made with a mindset of wisdom and humility. Quitting is just the refusal to go on further, most of the time, because of the struggle. We are all going to struggle. Did you know that? I won't lie, wen I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I thought troubles would be far and between because of that. But when I look at the most prominent people in the Bible, they had to work for what they wanted! They were persecuted, thrown in prison, laughed at, cried, and were scared at times; but one of the reasons they were successful, they kept going with their tasks at hand. They had a goal in mind and never lost sight of their goal because of some trouble and hardship. Whereas a lot of us, myself included, are willing to throw in the towel because there is a struggle. Sometimes it really is one thing after another. Our foundations moved from under us. I get it. That is really tough to overlook. But we cannot quit at all. That is not the way to do it. Ever.

If our faith is in God, be confident. Be positive. You can't create a positive change with a negative mindset. All of those prominent people in the Bible remained positive and focused because they knew they could count on the Lord. Many of us pray for God to hold us together and work a major miracle but don't have a true confidence in our betterment. In Hebrews 10:23 it says,"  Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Unswervingly! We cannot keep going back and forth. Faith doesn't work that way. And its says, "He who promised is faithful" FAITHFUL. Faithful means: steadfast in affection or allegiance. God loves us and He has aligned Himself with us. He wants to see us be well. He wants to see us thrive even in the most difficult of situations! Be confident in God. Be confident in yourself. Be confident that no matter what is coming your way will not take your focus away. Struggle. Who likes to struggle right? No one likes to struggle. But sometimes you may just have to do that. Struggle and don't quit. Stop getting disenfranchised with the goal because it won't go exactly how you planned! God is in control. You had some setbacks. Guess what? God is in control.

My last point may sting a little bit but I am going to say it. Something to think about. If you say you have faith in God and His provisions for your life, who are you to quit and disrupt the plans of God? What gives you the right to quit if you have complete faith that God can turn it around in your favor? You may have to struggle but God never once promised His plans for you will come without a fight! Joshua had to fight many battle which were really life and death to see the Promised Land. David fought against a giant who killed many with some stones, a slingshot, and insurmountable faith! That sounds crazy but His faith moved Him forward because He believed God had a plan for His life. Saints, we all have to recall what God has brought us through before and think that He will get us through again. He made mountains move out of our way that we didn't have to climb; and some others we have to climb, fall, get us ap climb again. But the one glaring fact is that has always reigned true is God has always gotten us through! Think about that the next time you want to quit...Be Blessed...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

God is Peace. Peace That Works!!

My encouragement to you this week is to never let the promises or stability of the world replace the promises of God. God's promises can never be taken from you and never will. Place your faith in what works.

"Luke12.34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

This statement is so true. If you are placing your treasure and all your eggs in the world, then that is where your heart lies. This is a sad fact in the wrong way for a lot of people. What I mean is that we find a lot of peace and stability in things of this world. We find peace in our relationships with people, our possessions, our bank accounts, our status, etc. Things that the world has to offer us. These mean the world to us more than anything in the world. We have used these things to replace the promises of God as well. Yes, I said it. Sounds harsh but that's the reality. We believe in God for so much but we have in some ways used these things to be a deeper peace than what God can offer us.

What's the biggest difference between all of these things and the promises of God? You can lose all of these things except the promises of God! Relationships are lost all the time. Money, all the time. Status, all the time. But who can take away the calling that God has on your life? Who can stop the Will of God when He makes a declaration? Not one of us. So when God is saying that He has plans for us or that He promises to take care of us, why can't we take peace in that? If we believe in God and all the things about Him, why are we paying attention harder to our earthly possessions more than His word?

How many of us have lost a job for petty reasons? How many of us have been through breakups? How many of us have been broke before? Things or people we put our confidence in and taken from us. When they are, we can't get ourselves back on track! But the One who has been consistent to us still offers us peace if we turn to Him in fill faith. He can get us back what we lost. He has that ability! So why are we putting more confidence in the product than the one who gives it?? That doesn't make sense does it? When we wanted something as children with no money, we were happy to receive the product. But we knew what we wanted was dependant on if our parents gave it to us. They were the most important part of us getting what we wanted. Same with God. He is the most important aspect in getting the things that give us the peace we want. So where is your heart located? If you trust in God and all His promises you will find a peace that lasts. A peace that can't be taken from you. But if you permit your peace to come through what you have, all given by God, then you will never live a life of real peace.

God has shown Himself to you time and time again. Your peace should be found in what works. God works. God has always worked. The promises that you have benefitted from, so have others. God works for you and many others. Wake up. Stop complaining and start looking at what God has been doing for you and trust He can makes more things happen for you in your highs and lows...Be Blessed...