Monday, March 28, 2011

Today is a Good Serve the Lord

Good morning Saints. My encouragement for you this week is to make a commitment to your daily walk with God. I know it's hard at times not to lose your perspective but never forget what God has done for you in your past. God has the same power to impact your future.

No day is like the other. I know that and truly understand that. We will have our very good days and we will have days that it seems like you need a break from life. Our Christian life is very similar. There will be days we will be riding the biggest high for Christ. Then there are the other days where our Christian faith may be moved to the left in place of sin, fear, hopelessness, doubt, shame, etc. Therefore I urge all of US, I need this too, to commit ourselves daily to our walk with God. I mean, starting off the day understanding that this day may be harder than the next but asking the Lord to keep your eyes and your heart focused on him. God has done so many amazing things for you in the past. God is still that same God who will work towards your brighter future. Yes, it may come with some stress, heartache, illness, and more things to damage our spirit. But we must remember who we serve. We serve THE God that WE KNOW is capable of do the extraordinary with the ordinary. We serve THE God who has been so faithful to us time and time again. What makes our current trials any different? God can impact this situation to your benefit. God will. God will raise you up out of depths you didn't think was possible when you were going through it. Trust God. Recommit yourself daily. Renew your mind daily. You can't run the same tank of gas forever. You can't run on the same prayer forever. Each day may bring a new journey where your tank may need to be filled maybe 3 times in one day. You may need to pray 3 times in one day due to the road you are on in your life. Matthew 6:11 “Give us our DAILY bread." This is proof in the Bible that we need to make daily commitments to God. If you are a child of God who may need help in this area, start now. If you aren't a child of God, make this decision to be a child of God now. Every day is a good day to serve the Lord...Be Blessed...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give Christ your Best, He is the Best...Raise the Bar

My encouragement to you this week is to give Christ your best. Raise the bar of your faith. Christ has lifted so many burdens, wiped countless tears, and given us freedom by His grace. Give Christ the best of yourself as you continue to seek the best of Christ.

Do we really on a day to day basis give Christ our best? Is he not befitting of our best? There have been so many burdens that he has lifted off our shoulders. There have been days where we would hope tomorrow would bring the end of our days and instead has brought new hope in our hearts. This was all due to the grace of Christ. This is a grace that probably none of us deserve but is given to us everyday. Is that not enough reason to give Christ our best? We should work very hard to give Christ the honor and praise that he deserves. We should have a strong desire to want to be better in our ways because we should all want to be more Christ like. The more we live for him, the more we are working toward his promise to grant us eternal life. Jesus says, " I am the way, the truth, and life. No one comes through the father but through me." (Jn 14:6) It is our responsibility to meet Christ and invite him into our hearts. There are so many great things in store when we allow Christ into our hearts and we are living to please Christ. I hope that you know the great things from a life with Jesus. If you do not know, pleas turn your hearts to him now. We are all promised death, but Christians are guaranteed everlasting life in Christ. For all of you have Christ in your lives, raise the bar on your faith. Raise the bar. Don't place it somewhere you aren't ready to reach. Raise it in increments until you are ready to get there but keep pressing and progressing...Be Blessed..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Your Life is In God's Hands..?

My encouragement to you this week is let God be in control. God is not putting us on a path of no troubles. God is putting us on paths to trust him. God has the power to cease our tough times. God he has the power to sustain you in our trials. You've tried everything else. Now let God take control. You will see the difference.

Life is a journey full of many, many twist and turns. We all are on our own journey. We may run into people on our journeys we know. Same pursuit but still unique to that individual. One thing that will be common on all of our journeys is that we will encounter trouble. We know it's the path we need to be on and we run into problems. We get discouraged. We ask ourselves is this the way that we need to be on. We begin to question. Saints, sometimes God puts us on a certain path to become what he wants us to be. he may allow this trouble so you can come out how he wants you to come out. God sees the best in you and knows at times your best has not been achieved. Hardships forces you to be at your best to gain the peace you want. The biggest thing is that we need to let God be in control of our lives. We try all of our friends, family, and colleagues before we look to the Lord. God was supposed to be first and last. God can command all your problems to cease immediately! Whatever the problem is, God will always be the answer. God may lead you on a path of trouble so you can lean on him. You need to trust him to take over the situation. God will hold you up. You will be ready to endure. You will be able to meet the problems head on and conquer the enemy before you. Give God control and God will give you much more. If you are still not in fellowship with God, do it now. Don't delay. Peace awaits you. A life after this life awaits you...Be Blessed...

Monday, March 7, 2011

God Turns our Tears of Sadness into Tears of Joy

My encouragement to you this week is trust in the faithfulness of Christ. Jesus is the unique solution to ALL our problems. There is no one else where we will find everything we need. He knows we can't do it alone. Trusting in God can be tough, but God will respond to your faith. Persistence & optimism are key to see God's work in our lives. He will turn your tears into shouts of joy.

If you don't know, or fail to realize, Jesus is the solution to all of problems that we are going through. Jesus is the unique solution which people tend to try when all of their efforts are exhausted. Jesus needs to be our first, middle, and last option in all our trials. We try to carry some burdens alone and it can be very hard and very trying to our minds and our bodies. We feel so defeated in many ways. We get discouraged and we start to question is God there? God is there! The Lord is all together faithful. The Lord is not one to ever turn his back to our cries. We have to keep believing that God will work it out for us. We have to stat persistent and prayer. These key elements will strengthen your faith in the ability of God. God says in Isaiah 41 "9 You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. 10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." God is not rejecting you or your prayer so do not quit on him.God is not quitting on you. You must continue to trust that Jesus is listening to your cries for help. He knows how much your happiness means to you so He will grant it to you. Wait on the Lord with a cheerful heart and with an immovable faith. Those tears that you have been crying day in and day out will cease. The only tears you will be left with will be tears of joy...Be Blessed..