Sunday, April 13, 2014

Your Impossible He Made Possible

My encouragement to you this week is believe your impossible can be changed! Jesus conquered what is impossible for us but not for Him. He gives us hope that He can conquer our impossible. We are going see what we're praying for! Be stronger than you've ever been and believe your impossible is possible!

Who is feeling like they are facing an impossible situation? Who is trapped? Who is feeling like all hope is lost? My friend, if you truly feel this way then you have not experienced the freedom in Jesus. You may be ignoring His saving power in your life before. I take that back, we ALL have experienced freedom in Jesus. Because He blesses us all the time. He has saved us from situations even without us coming to Him inprayer. So I know you have experienced His power before in life. We all have. And for those of us who feel stuck and can acknowledge Jesus has saved you before, then know that your impossible is possible. Jesus can change it all for you. He has conquered what we can't. Understanding He has made a way for you before when there seemed to be no way, this situation can also have the same result. I am not going to sell you a lie and say you will get everything you want, but if you come to Him looking for Him to make a way, I guarantee He will open a door and show you His love. It may not come on your schedule even but it will come!

When we think of all the miracles He has done in His own life, changed situations that you can't even fathom were changed, and He conquered death, how can you not have hope?!?! The miracles that He has performed in your life before, is now the time to believe He can't do it? Of course He can do it. I caution you, don't make God to be just a genie. Asking of Him but won't invest in Him as well. And there is nothing you can give God but your obedience, trust, and love. God values these things. I digress. We must have hope. We must have confidence that God is who we want Him to be in all situations. A friend, a way maker, a father, a teacher, etc. We must have hope He can be the bridge to our solution.

Now is the time to be stronger than you have ever been. Your faith may depend on it. I trusted God in a bad situation employment wise recently and He didn't disappoint! He sustained me until He felt He was ready to move me. I felt stuck and God told me to hush up and trust. No regrets. After hearing the back story of me getting my job, I have more reason to trust my God. I know it was because of His love for me. It may be your health, emotions, school, employment situation, etc but God can make your impossible possible! He can turn it around! Don't stop praying about it. Remain fervent in your prayer...Be Blessed...