Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trust God with no Delay!!

My encouragement to you this week is don't be afraid to trust God completely. If you believe in the power of God & His ability to change, believe TODAY with no doubt or delay! Nothing is impossible with God! God can & will keep a promise. Believe God won't fail.

Saints, the message is loud and clear. Don't be afraid to give God the whole issue because you are afraid. There is nothing to fear. All of our help will come from God. All our hope should and will come from the Lord. In Hebrews 6:19 it says, "We have this [hope] as an anchor for our lives, safe and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain." Our hope is the Lord. Our hope is the freedom to trust God.

We cannot be afraid to trust in God! We are so afraid to trust in God because we have our doubts that what WE want will not happen. WE want a blessing our way. WE want God to show up the way WE want it. Instead of just wanting to see God show up and bless us, it has to come in our fashion. That can lead us to much doubt. A lot of doubt whether we should trust God. Stop it. Stop delaying. We have a responsibility to trust God. We are free to trust. If we lay our issue at His feet, He will make a way out of no way. It may not come on our schedule and how we want it, but if we look for God, we will see God. He may not give us what we want, but it doesn't mean we won't get what we need. Jehovah is a Provider and HE WILL provide for you!

Nothing is impossible for God. God knows no failure. Luke 1:37, "For NOTHING is impossible with God." You may not have the answer, God does. You may not know which way to go, God will show. You may feel too weak, God is always strong! Lay it at His feet and trust Him to get you where you want to go. Tell God the desires of your heart and ask Him for a victory. You can't ask God for anything unless you see where you want to be first. Envision what your victory looks like, and ask God to get you there according to His will and His way. The road may not be easy but Jehovah will provide. If you believe in His power to change, then let Him turn it around in your favor. He's going to do something to blow your mind. But you must trust in the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understandinh: think about Him in ALL your ways and HE WILL make your paths straight." This is a promise of God told through David. Heed the words. Please Saints, don't be afraid. You were not given a spirit of fear. God will not fail...Be Blessed...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013. New Year, New You. Refresh Yourself

My encouragement to you going into the new year is to refresh your soul, mind, heart, and passion. Be determined to leave your 2012 in 2012. Make 2013 a special year for you through prayer, action, and sacrifice. Reflect on God's faithfulness in 2012 and trust in it in 2013. Make way for God's favor!!

It's 2013 people! It's a new year to refresh ourselves and start anew! It is time to start anew! It is time to refresh ourselves for a new year of opportunity. And this year has to be a new year of opportunity for all of us. It is time to refresh our souls, our minds, our hearts, and our passions. It is time to get back to the drawing boards on all of these things.

Many of us lost a lot on encouragement last year. Many of us lost our passion last year because of a lot of our circumstances. We let so many things from 2012 tell us that we are doomed, this year isn't our year, we aren't capable. Well Friends, 2012 is over! The tear is no more. It is time to work on some real change in your life. It is time to get back to being a success. One thing I want you to remember this year as it start off is; THERE IS NO FAILURE IN GOD! Again, THERE IS NO FAILURE IN GOD!. Some of us may not want to admit it, but we gave up on God last year when our hard times came. We say that we trust Him, but our faith was no where to be found when our hard times pressed on us. 

Make 2013 a special year for you. Be Specific About Your Future.I can't any more specific than this line. Be very clear how you want your 2013 to be different for you. Figure out why you want it to be different. If you can answer what you want to be different and why do you want it to be different, I guarantee that you will figure out how to make it happen. Prayer will get you there. You may not know immediately how to make it different from 2012 but I guarantee through prayer God will show you the way if you trust Him. When we work, we work, when we pray God works! Prayer always works. Sacrifice those bad habits you picked up in 2012 and let God replace it with His goodness. Sacrifice for those dreams you have. Sacrifice for your peace. It may be letting go of the anger, others, your routine, etc. Do something different. You know the alternative.

Leave 2012 in 2012! Don't come in this new year doing the exact same thing that left you down and out in 2012. You have to look forward to a newer beginning and open your heart for God to do something special. Reflect on God's faithfulness and miracles He made for you in 2012. Even if you don't feel 2012 was a great year for you, it doesn't mean God wasn't good to you. God will always remain committed to you . Think about things that God did do for you and treasure those miracles. Treasure His faithfulness from 2011 if you have to. No matter what, God is good. God is faithful. God is wonderful. Treasure these FACTS and fuel yourself with these facts going into the New Year. Trust in His goodness. I guarantee you, this doesn't mean life will be easy. Again, THIS DOESN'T MEAN LIFE WILL BE EASY. But the battle you go into, you won't be a lone and as I reiterated earlier: THERE IS NO FAILURE IN GOD. Make this 2013 special. Even if you have met a few challenges as we are three days in, don't be discouraged. Put on a good and expectant attitude that the Lord will guide you EXACTLY where you need to be! The Lord will not fail you. Don't fail yourself by not making the changes you need to make in 2013...Be Blessed...