Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep climbing! No more quitting!

My encouragement to you this week is to stop quitting on your journey because it's hard. Struggle and accomplish what you set out to do! Exercise faith! Faith releases confidence. If your faith is in God, be confident. He has shown up before and He will this time too!

When has it become OK to quit? And I am not talking about walking away from something that doesn't benefit you. There is truly a difference. Walking away can be made with a mindset of wisdom and humility. Quitting is just the refusal to go on further, most of the time, because of the struggle. We are all going to struggle. Did you know that? I won't lie, wen I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I thought troubles would be far and between because of that. But when I look at the most prominent people in the Bible, they had to work for what they wanted! They were persecuted, thrown in prison, laughed at, cried, and were scared at times; but one of the reasons they were successful, they kept going with their tasks at hand. They had a goal in mind and never lost sight of their goal because of some trouble and hardship. Whereas a lot of us, myself included, are willing to throw in the towel because there is a struggle. Sometimes it really is one thing after another. Our foundations moved from under us. I get it. That is really tough to overlook. But we cannot quit at all. That is not the way to do it. Ever.

If our faith is in God, be confident. Be positive. You can't create a positive change with a negative mindset. All of those prominent people in the Bible remained positive and focused because they knew they could count on the Lord. Many of us pray for God to hold us together and work a major miracle but don't have a true confidence in our betterment. In Hebrews 10:23 it says,"  Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Unswervingly! We cannot keep going back and forth. Faith doesn't work that way. And its says, "He who promised is faithful" FAITHFUL. Faithful means: steadfast in affection or allegiance. God loves us and He has aligned Himself with us. He wants to see us be well. He wants to see us thrive even in the most difficult of situations! Be confident in God. Be confident in yourself. Be confident that no matter what is coming your way will not take your focus away. Struggle. Who likes to struggle right? No one likes to struggle. But sometimes you may just have to do that. Struggle and don't quit. Stop getting disenfranchised with the goal because it won't go exactly how you planned! God is in control. You had some setbacks. Guess what? God is in control.

My last point may sting a little bit but I am going to say it. Something to think about. If you say you have faith in God and His provisions for your life, who are you to quit and disrupt the plans of God? What gives you the right to quit if you have complete faith that God can turn it around in your favor? You may have to struggle but God never once promised His plans for you will come without a fight! Joshua had to fight many battle which were really life and death to see the Promised Land. David fought against a giant who killed many with some stones, a slingshot, and insurmountable faith! That sounds crazy but His faith moved Him forward because He believed God had a plan for His life. Saints, we all have to recall what God has brought us through before and think that He will get us through again. He made mountains move out of our way that we didn't have to climb; and some others we have to climb, fall, get us ap climb again. But the one glaring fact is that has always reigned true is God has always gotten us through! Think about that the next time you want to quit...Be Blessed...

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