Sunday, September 2, 2012

God is Peace. Peace That Works!!

My encouragement to you this week is to never let the promises or stability of the world replace the promises of God. God's promises can never be taken from you and never will. Place your faith in what works.

"Luke12.34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

This statement is so true. If you are placing your treasure and all your eggs in the world, then that is where your heart lies. This is a sad fact in the wrong way for a lot of people. What I mean is that we find a lot of peace and stability in things of this world. We find peace in our relationships with people, our possessions, our bank accounts, our status, etc. Things that the world has to offer us. These mean the world to us more than anything in the world. We have used these things to replace the promises of God as well. Yes, I said it. Sounds harsh but that's the reality. We believe in God for so much but we have in some ways used these things to be a deeper peace than what God can offer us.

What's the biggest difference between all of these things and the promises of God? You can lose all of these things except the promises of God! Relationships are lost all the time. Money, all the time. Status, all the time. But who can take away the calling that God has on your life? Who can stop the Will of God when He makes a declaration? Not one of us. So when God is saying that He has plans for us or that He promises to take care of us, why can't we take peace in that? If we believe in God and all the things about Him, why are we paying attention harder to our earthly possessions more than His word?

How many of us have lost a job for petty reasons? How many of us have been through breakups? How many of us have been broke before? Things or people we put our confidence in and taken from us. When they are, we can't get ourselves back on track! But the One who has been consistent to us still offers us peace if we turn to Him in fill faith. He can get us back what we lost. He has that ability! So why are we putting more confidence in the product than the one who gives it?? That doesn't make sense does it? When we wanted something as children with no money, we were happy to receive the product. But we knew what we wanted was dependant on if our parents gave it to us. They were the most important part of us getting what we wanted. Same with God. He is the most important aspect in getting the things that give us the peace we want. So where is your heart located? If you trust in God and all His promises you will find a peace that lasts. A peace that can't be taken from you. But if you permit your peace to come through what you have, all given by God, then you will never live a life of real peace.

God has shown Himself to you time and time again. Your peace should be found in what works. God works. God has always worked. The promises that you have benefitted from, so have others. God works for you and many others. Wake up. Stop complaining and start looking at what God has been doing for you and trust He can makes more things happen for you in your highs and lows...Be Blessed...

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