Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Endure and Be Successful

My encouragement for you this week is to be OK with your struggles because they weren't meant to last. Life will always have problems. God made you able to endure. Keep praying and FAITHFULLY work at your problems. You will always be successful!

I know that sounds insane to be OK with your sruggles but it is a necessity if you want to move forward. By no means am I saying to get used to it but stop stressing yourself insane. No struggle was meant to last. Ever. Your struggles were never made to carry on and on. Life will be full of problems. After you conquer one feat, in due time a new problem, big or small, shall rear its ugly head. Do not let yourself be discouraged to keep going forward and trying. Be OK with the struggle and start working hard on the solution soon.

God made you able to endure. You've survived the worst of times. God is always on your side. God will never leave you. But God made you strong. God made you able. God hasn't given you a spirit of weakness. God hasn't given you a spirit of defeat. God has been winning victories for you even before this problem or these problems surfaced. God made you strong. God made you able to take on those problems to leading up to your current trials and tribulations. You can and WILL endure and keep driving yourself forward. You have to do it. There are times we feel we are trying with no end on sight and no direction. It takes great faith to understand our efforts have an end are guided if we keep going. Stand on the word of God in His promises!

Keep praying on it. Place your burdens at His feet and let God have His way. You may feel tired all the time but stop groaning and start praying and acting. Groaning will do nothing for you. I promise you that all it will do is slow you down from the productive things you need to be doing. D. L. Moody said this: "Whatever your burden is that caused you to search for strength, give it up to him now. Do not let another minute go by without completely surrendering your burdens to Him. God wants to be your strength. Surrender to Him in your weakness and let Him show Himself strong. Remember if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!" Don't go another minute with complaining and not giving it over to the One who can change it in our favor. This means FAITHFULLY working at your problem. Not, "I tried once or twice and nothing seems to work." NO. You are going to have to stick with a plan for solution. Stick with it and I know you will see success. Stick with God and you will never see defeat. You may lose a battle here and there but you will NEVER lose the war. Check God's resume in the Bible to those who remained faithful to Him if you don't believe me...Be Blessed...

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