Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make the effort! Trust God to be a Success!

My encouragement to you this week is to put your goals into action. Nothing can be accomplished without sacrifice and effort. Trust God to make things happen and they surely will. Root your faith in God's promises for your prosperity. You can keep crying with no results. Or start trying waiting on the results.

Put some of those goals you have into action. The time is now to get to work on what you really want to happen for yourself. I have stressed this before to you all but this is something I feel can't be stressed enough because there are many of us who are still sitting in place. There are many of us who are sitting around waiting and waiting for some thing special to happen for us. We feel that one of these days something is going to turn it around in our favor. Let me tell you something. You will keep waiting forever if you are not making some type of effort for SOMETHING to happen. It is very, very,very, rare for things to happen without you doing anything. You know that! What you really want requires effort! It requires a try! It may require you failing initially until you get it right! It requires you to sacrifice to be successful. You can have most anything you want in life if you are willing to sacrifice what is necessary for it. Your time and effort are worth  the sacrifice to put your goals in action. Stop saying, "I want this"  or "I want that" but still doing the exact same thing which has proved unsuccessful! And if that is nothing, what do you expect? Put some action on that goal!

My next part of this to you is to trust God! Root some faith in God and His promises! I am telling you stand in the word of God! Jeremiah 29:11, it says, " I have plans for you. For your your welfare, not for disaster." Jeremiah 33:3 it says, " Call me and I will answer you and tell you great and incomprehensible things you don't know." Are we seeing in these two verses how God is saying that we can trust Him. He has no plans for our disaster, only what is best for us. Trust in God and He will take you places. He will take us places that to everyone else we have no business being. Get to know the word of God ad stop letting it go when hard times present themselves. If you do not stand i the word and promises of God when trials come, you will be taken over by your trials. Lets, look at the story of Daniel. Daniel was sentenced to death buy he world. Placed him in a Lion's den. Daniel stood on the promise of God in an almost impossible;e situation and look what He did for Daniel. Some of us may be thinking, well that was then and this is now. I'm not Daniel. You don't have to be Daniel! Be you. The same God Daniel turned to is the SAME God that you call today! The Lord always cares for us. the Lord always will be there for us. Stop sentencing yourself to death in your situation! Stop forgetting the Lord is near! Trust God to make things happen but He surely will do it for you!

Saints, it's OK to cry about what pains you. I promise you that it is OK to cry. Let it out. It's OK to feel. It is OK to be hurt. But saints, crying day after day with no action will keep you in those same tears. Crying with no action will only make it hurt worse as you see nothing is happening for you. I'm not trying to be harsh but this is true. I want you to understand this is a reality. therefore, I encourage you to start moving. I encourage you to trust God! Hold on to His promises! Get to work on what you want to see done. Please! If you work, you know you are going to get answer to what you have been working on. Initially, there may be push back. Stick with with it! God has not lied to you nor has He ever. Plans for your welfare, not for your disaster! Get to work! ...Be Blessed...

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