Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make it Happen Now. God is With You!

My encouragement to you this week is to build on your potential and start making things happen now! No matter how much  life you have lived or haven't yet, start making things happen now. Don't be mad at the obstacles. Keep God with you and press forward. There is no failure in God!

There is no failure in God! I believe in this statement with my entire heart. Yes, I may fail at some things in this life but I know that if I keep with God, I will be successful no matter what life brings. So why am I still living in my tomorrow? Some may think I mean my promised future or something of the sorts. No. I mean how we are constantly putting something off that you know needs to be handled now. We all have so many dreams and hopes for our lives. We say things like, "If I had this" or "If I start on this". Well, why are we waiting? What are we waiting on? The reason we dream certain things for our lives because there is a 95% we already have the potential to make it happen. So I ask again, why am I still living in my tomorrow?

We all have too much of a tendency to put things off that can really affect our lives in such a positive way. Maybe it is because we are afraid to fail. Maybe because we don't believe in ourselves. Maybe because we think our window will never close on us. Let me start on the window. The window is definitely closing on us when we keep putting things off. Because the older we get, the less inspired we become when we let all of our other situations cloud our minds and pull our attention on them. Then when you look up, you have shut the window on yourself because we may feel that our life now has too much of a grip on us that we can't get to it anymore. And sometimes that is really the case. Then there are times we don't believe in ourselves. That is such an agent of the devil. Doubting yourself to make sure that you become your greatest enemy. You lose all belief that you can change. You begin to denigrate yourself. You call yourself things that you shouldn't at times. Then that can really lead to a fear of failure. Like, this failure will destroy your whole world.

Enough. First off, start telling yourself that you can do this. God has given us certain gifts. God has made us able to do things no matter what we are going through. Start telling yourself all the right things. I know some of you may be telling yourself it's harder than it seems but you have to try. Right? How can you know what God can do for you and how great you are until you start trying? We all have a lot of potential in us! We have all have so may good things that we can use to start making things happen now! And now is the time to start making them happen! We can do this. There is greatness in all of us that we can build on to make some great things happen for us. We have to start moving towards those goals immediately. And hold on tight for the obstacles. When in life have we just gotten easily the things that we desire the most? We had to struggle at times. Some goals we struggled harder for than other goals. So don't be mad at the obstacles. Don't dare get discouraged into submission to where we give up on our potential. Stick with God and God will keep you. I didn't say He will keep you away from the struggles and storms but He will be with you the whole way until you make your way out. God will keep you and make sure that you will be successful. There is no failure in God. Stick with God and let Him show you why is that such a great decision. Press forward. Please don't quit. You have potential to be great and I know that you can do it. We all can do it. God won't let you fail. If you fail, God won't get the glory AND others can't see the glory of God through us. So again, God won't let us fail. BUT above all of that. God loves us SO MUCH. His love for us will move the mountains of our lives! His love for us undeniable! God sacrificed His son for us. What won't He sacrifice for you? What will he not do for you? Our God is awesome and He will always be there for us...Be Blessed...

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