Thursday, July 26, 2012

Work on Your Salvation!

My encouragement to you this week is to actively work on your salvation. Submit to God's purpose for your life. Be obedient to His word. Rely on God. Let others see God through you and through your active service to God's kingdom.

Your salvation will not find you. Your salvation is nothing guaranteed to you from birth. Your salvation is nothing owed to you. Our salvation is something to be sought. Our salvation is something to be treasured. Our salvation is something we live in everyday. Our salvation is only attained when we accept Christ in our heart as our one and only savior. But after we get this beautiful and wonderful gift, what do we do with it? Do we just walk around and go about our lives like we can cash in this salvation whenever we need it? Saints, we have to be working on our salvation daily. Yes, we got a free gift from God but this is a gift we cannot take for granted. We have work to do. Not here and there. Daily.

Saints, there is one thing in life that we a re too good at and it is sinning. We do it without thinking about it sometimes. Sin hurts us and causes more than enough problems in our lives. Sin results in separation from God, both in this life and the next. God is good, perfect, and just, and so sin by its nature prevents a right relationship with God. Therefore sinners cannot enjoy the full benefits of knowing God in this life, such as peace, comfort and help in times of trouble.But we have hope in our salvation. We have been given an alternative from separation from God. Salvation gives us comfort because we can turn to God and ask for forgiveness and for Him to help us with our sin. He will remember our sins no more but salvation calls for you to actively work at your sin so that we can feel peace. Sin takes away peace from our lives. The salvation we get through our faith needs to be fostered in us daily.

But I tell you saints, we have to be obedient to His word to really grow our salvation and to ensure we can be recognized by God when our last breath is taken and we stand for judgment. I don't mean following rules solely. We have to grow a relationship with God. When we truly realize that we can trust God to be all of our help we should want to obey Him because we know that there is so much to gain. I don't mean selfish gain either. Just to have peace from following the word of God and listening is something all of us would pay millions for us to keep! But we have to actively get to work! "The moment the sinner believes in Christ, he stands in the sight of God uncondemned; for the righteousness of Christ is his: Christ's perfect obedience is imputed to him." Look, we will never be perfect. But the point is following Jesus' example of the way He lived His life to serve God and others. Are you doing that? Are you looking to serve God and others? We should be looking for that. Christ is our hope and our refuge. His righteousness is imputed  to the obedient. DO NOT be discouraged by the high level of the standard. The measure of the sacrifice is the guarantee of the power of God to save to the uttermost. The repentant receive the blessing of Christ's righteousness which bears fruit in obedience to the commandments. God just wants a heart that is willing to earnestly try and obey His will and work for Him!

As we are obeying His word others need to be able to see God through you. This may sound like pressure but don't let it be that. If you are really living for Christ, I promise you being an example to someone will just happen. They will see God through what you do naturally. That's all. But people have to see a difference in you than the world. That is really important for others to see the difference in you and those who don't know God. They possibly can know God through you. Don't be scared of that. Be happy that we can introduce another to the peace that we feel from serving our God..Be Blessed...

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