Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Draw Me Close..

My encouragement to you this week is to work to draw closer to God. We ask so much from God but it's important to have a relationship with God. Let God recognize who you are by drawing closer to God every day! God will always be faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

Into your arms, I'm drawing near again, To dwell with you is my only heart's desire. Draw me close, closer than before, closer than I ever been. 

These are lyrics from William McDowell from His song Closer/Wrap Me in Your Arms. The lyrics in the song say exactly where our hearts should be directed. We should all want to dwell with God. No, I don't mean in the after life but to dwell in His spirit. Feeling that closeness to God. Knowing that He is near. We must make effort to be with God daily. Work to draw closer to God. I don't mean make some great effort but simply giving God some time. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier maybe and pray. Take 5 minutes some time in the day to thank and praise God. Open the Bible maybe before the day and at night. The little things you can do to draw closer to God. It doesn't take a crazy effort but it is a necessary thing to do. Drawing close to God gives us so much hope for our troubles. We know that our faithfulness to Him will NEVER be in vain. Not that God is a genie. But even the peace in a tough situation that is not getting better is something we can thank God for and understand better when we draw close to God.

We always are asking so much from God. We always want God to work on our behalf and that is great. But is God our first and last choice? Or just a last resort? God should always be our first and last choice. Period. But as I said, we keep looking to ask God for something. We have wants and needs from God. And God knows that. he is our source of happiness. But I tell you that it is important you get to know God. You have get to know who God is and who He is to you. Have a real relationship with God. Inform yourself of who He is through prayer and reading the word. Next put what you learn in application. If you have to learn to forgive because God forgives, do it. Learn it now. Lastly, get intimate with God. Pray and pray some more

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