Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God Won't Fail You!

My encouragement to you this week is remain encouraged no matter how it looks until your miracle arrives!  Don't you dare lose hope in God. God has never failed you and He isn't going to now! It hurts but trust He will step in on time. He will keep His promises to you. KEEP PRAYING and KEEP TRYING! God will make a way!

Your miracle is on the way! Your day of peace is on its way. I know what it feels like. I know the thoughts that go through all of our heads. I have bee so discouraged again, again, and again about some thing that hasn't happened for me yet. I think the thoughts like, " what happened to my life?' "This is it for me. I'm not going to make it through this. "Maybe this is what my life will always be like." THEN after I come out of my troubles, I ask myself, "How in the heck did I start doubting God's power and God's promises for me?" God has NEVER failed me! God will never fail me! What ever I am going through now, God won't fail me on this one! Some of us have been dealing with the pain for weeks, months, and year but BUT I am telling you DO  NOT give up! You had better not!

   I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? (Psalm 121:1-2)

 God is all of our help! We have all suffered setbacks in our lives. In this time of uncertainty,  our personal struggles can bring fear and doubt into our lives.  It is hard enough to survive much less have any hope for the future. But God is our help! All of our help hat we will ever need. God's promises are real. Marianne Lord says this, "God always has  a plan.  For believers, whether you are experiencing a time of peace in your life or enduring the heat of a painful struggle, you have the assurance of knowing that all things are being directed by the hand of God.  When it seems as though you are being defeated, it just means that your victory is near.  There is nothing to fear in any battle  for the war of life has already been won at the cross!  Never surrender to him what Christ has paid a price to give you!" I know it hurts. The pain may seem almost unbearable. But please hold on to you faith. If you are willing to struggle and endure, this means you are willing to be saved! Tears will be shed. Days of pains will happen. But I promise you God will give you a little something daily if you are willing to hang on to him. God is working on it. Open your heart to see God work. Your battles are not yours to fight when you surrender them to Christ.  Whatever valley of despair you may be in right now, remember that it is not your permanent location. This won't always be your life! Things will change! Yes, it's been a long time but this won't be your forever! God promises you that!

Isaiah 58:11  The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.

You must keep trying to get your life together. God is a powerful Savior and He can turn it around in a second. But I ask you to get trying. You will have setback after setback. Yes, I said it. I am not going to lie to you. It will happen maybe once or a few times. You have to keep a positive attitude.  People with positive attitudes see setbacks for what they really are. When you have a setback, it’s not a brick wall that must be climbed. You’ve merely met a gate; it may delay you for a second, but if you open that gate and move through it, you’ll soon be on your way. Believe in God and I promise you, though yo may struggle, you'll get there. Next thing, get a plan for what you want to happen for yourself. How can you want a victory but not have a clue to get your victory? Sometimes it is out your hands but you have an idea of what you want your life to be. Even if your plan is only prayer because that's all you can do, have a plan! But for some of us who aren't willing to take control, you have got to get off your butt! Yes, God's plan will be the plan that happens at the end but present what you want and how you plan to get there and let God order your steps. Lastly, believe in yourself. Believe in the power of God. But push yourself. Please push. Believe in yourself that this will happen for you! This is going to happen. Pray!Pray! Pray! Believe in God! Believe in you! God won't fail you! Be Blessed!

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