Thursday, June 14, 2012

God's Strength, Your Strength....Victory!

My encouragement to you this week is to let God push and build the strength within you. You have the power to overcome a lot! Push yourself. Ask God to use your strength and add His strength. Keep praying and never stop going! You will struggle but you have the strength to overcome.

"My God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There's nothing. my God cannot do" This was part of one of the first songs I ever learned as a child in church. It was just a song to me then and now as I reflect on it, it is a message I realize more and more each day. My God is big, mighty, and strong. He has strong shoulders that can carry any load that I am putting on Him! I trust God to carry my burdens. i trust God to be all of my strength and all of my help. But do I trust the strength inside me? I know that my strength does not parallel God, but there is a strength in me that God put there! I am not weak. Through Him who lives in me there is great strength! There is great strength in me! There is great strength in all of us! We are chosen by God to be made for struggle.

God has placed some strength in all of us that we don't realize until it is really time to put it to work! There are some of us who feel like we are incapable of so much on our own. That is not true. Yes, we turn to God but God put a strength  and ability in all of us! Not in some people. You think that you have to run to others to always get you through but God didn't design you to always look to other's strength! He put something in you! Use what God has put in you. You have the strength and power to overcome so much if you are willing to try. Push yourself! How will you know what you are capable of doing when you are always placing limits on yourself? How can you know that God is with you and will help you when you are always quitting at the first sign of trouble? Find your strength in the Lord! Remember God does not fail! God will not use this opportunity to fail you. Draw your strength from knowing that God is not a failure! There has never been a fight God has lost!

Ask God for His strength to add on to yours. Believe me, I know it can get so hard to be in good spirits in the midst of trial. Just trying to be in good spirits can be so draining. It can be so physically exhausting. It can be so emotionally exhausting. Crying all the time. The pain never stops. Please Saint, hold on! God is going to pull you through. Push yourself as tiring as it's already been. Do it! You have to win this fight. You cannot afford to lose. Find the strength in you Saint! Ask God to be all your strength when yours runs faint. God is going to handle it. Keep praying about it! Get on your knees and cry out to God. God will listen. He will not turn His face from you! This will be a struggle but you can handle it. You can do it! You have the greatest help you will ever need. Use God! Dig deep and get the strength in you!..Be Blessed..

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