Monday, February 20, 2012

Fight. Pray. Believe.

My encouragement to you is to TRUST God will never leave us so FIGHT the good fight of faith. Our circumstances will tell us to have no hope in God or in ourselves. Trust in God. Believe in yourself.You are powerful, not helpless! Stay in PRAYER. Believe that God is able in EVERYTHING.

Fight the good fight of faith. Yes, I said fight. Because for some of us that's exactly what it is. And most of the time the opponent is ourselves. Sadly. We are fighting with our mind half of the time not totally trusting God. Saying all the right things to others but our words mean very little to ourselves. Saints, you are going to have to fight. You have to push yourself to trust God and believe that His grace and mercy are everlasting. They endure forever. Why does God always have to prove to us His existence? How many times must God reveal himself to us for us to think, " God that wasn't good enough." You may not say it like that but check if your actions don't reflect that. There is a good fight of faith we have to fight to ALWAYS believe in God and what He can do for us despite what the circumstance is for us. God says he will show up at all times and He will if we trust God to be God. Don't tempt God into acting faster for us. No! God always steps in on time. Always. Be faithful. Look over your life and you know you have all reason to trust God. He has shown up again and again and again. Just for you.
Don't let your circumstances tell you that your situation is a lost cause. Trust you aren't the only one to have been in a tough spot before. God has pulled through A LOT of people before your time, during your time, and will continue after you leave this earth. Don't let your hard times dictate your faith. You have to be all in all the time. When you feel the weight on you, recall the burdens He has lifted and immediately start thanking Him for that. Immediately. It will help you realize, if the Lord has heard you before, He is still listening to you now. Don't let a thing about your problem influence you to quit on yourself or quit on the Lord.
You have power. You have prayer. If you truly believe in the power of prayer, you know that you have power beyond measure. Believe. Believe. Believe. God will not fail you. God is able to do it all. It takes full-time faith in God. Full-time that God is there in good and bad. Period. Let's start anew and reach for God daily. Chase after him. Believe that you have power. Believe that God is truly faithful and amazing....Be Blessed...

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