Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take a Stand for Christ!!!

Good morning. My encouragement to you this week is to stand with Christ & work tirelessly to advance his Kingdom. God will help you. God will stand with you. God will never turn his face from you. What you do for Christ is not in vain.

Did anyone ever say being s Christian was one of the easiest things in the world? I hope no one tried to sell you this lie. It gets much easier and much more natural to live when we practice at it daily but it does start with its struggles. It's much harder when we don't know where we stand. One foot in and foot out is not the way to live our faith. We tend to want to keep just a part of us in the world. I know at times I catch myself doing the exact same thing. I claim to be no better. I still have things that I'm struggling with but I know I am actively trying to STAND ONLY FOR CHRIST. It is ongoing and can be a little tough but it is worth every minute to know that God is my help. God is my rock. I will stand with Christ. I know my identity. I have confidence in God. I have the evidence to show he will stand with me. Therefore, it is my responsibility to stand for the kingdom and to work without weary to win souls for Christ and to consistently draw people closer to the kingdom. My life will and needs to be an example. He will reward my effort in every way. I know our Christian life can be hard but we can do this!!! We must work together. What we do for Christ will never be in vain...Be Blessed...

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