Saturday, January 11, 2014

God is in Control because He Should be in Control

My encouragement to you is let God take the lead! Put Him in the driver seat. God loves you and wants the best for you  It's because of the value God gives you is to why you know you can ask Him to lead you. God won't disappoint you if you let Him lead. Be willing to follow.

I have written blog posts like this before but can you really over emphasize a true point like this. I may hint on it because it is something THAT important. God loves us so much. He is jealous for you. He wants you to be part of His kingdom and in His family. God wants your obedience. God wants your trust. Again: God wants your trust. Too often we are listening to friends who have no insight to our situation or experience in where we are at this time. We run to them for guidance and advice rather than trusting He who is omniscient. We trust others with limitations rather than our God who has no limitations in how He can intercede for you. Like the ones who love you on earth, your Heavenly father wants what's best for you too. But it's more than that. He is more than capable of providing for you and even the friend who loves you.

God values your life and that is more than enough reason as to why He sticks with you through the good and bad. Because unlike our friends, God isn't going to give you the silent treatment or mistreat you when you make every mistake. And don't think He is punishing you for every time you do something wrong and He doesn't step in. What are you learning if He does all the time? That God is a genie who doesn't believe in wrong or right? Don't play your Lord like that. Just like how your parents let you go through the lessons, so will God. However, ask for forgiveness and it's done. God wants you to be better. God values your life so He will teach you and bless you all at the same time. Trust Him with your life and plans.

Give it all to Him. It always belonged to Him. Our life, dreams, passion, loves, etc always belonged to Him. Who provided them?!?! Who will establish the work of your hands? The Lord. Trust Him in all you do. He has plans for us to prosper. Prosper. Not struggle. That comes with an unrelenting and unwavering trust...Be Blessed...

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