Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Brave at All Times

The power of God isn't visible but it's there. When you have TRUE faith in the God, you will recognize the power of God when it is revealed to you. Trust in his power at all times. Don't be brave from a safe distance.

Sometimes it just seems so hard to trust in the power of God. Sometimes it is just so easy to pick up and do it yourself. My, my, it's a shame how much lack of faith we have sometimes. The power of God is something that is revealed at the right times, all the time. God is never late. He may not be on your time but when he decides to move, nothing can stop him. When God decides to exert this power in your life, be ready because he will show you who he is and what he can do. Don't be brave and trust God's power when things are sweet. Trust in his power at ALL times. Just do it! Yes it is going to be hard. Do it anyway. You will not be let down!

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