Monday, July 12, 2010

Praise Him

Good morning. My encouragement to your this week is to praise God through it all. Seriously. You will never find a friend, a father, a healer, a counselor, or comfort like God. He loves you without condition. Your sins are never to ugly for him to turn his back on you. Your efforts are never too short for him to lift you up. Praise him.

I know that we all go through situations where it seems like it is impossible to see the good in anything. False. Praise God immediately. You may think "why?" Praise him because this is another time for God to show up. Marvin Sapp said this yesterday when I heard him preach "
True greatness comes from those who still serve Christ in the midst of crisis and not just when you're on the mountain top." God will be with you through it all!!! Through it all!!! Why wouldn't you praise his name. he will never leave you. God is a not a situational God. He wants to be part of your life for every moment, good or bad. How many people want to be around you all the time? Those times when it seems your friends get tired of hearing you cry about your problems, God is nothing like that. Praise him for that. Praise him at all times...Be Blessed..

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