Monday, August 9, 2010

Jesus is the Solution

Jesus is the unique solution to all our problems. There is no one else where we will find everything we need. He knows we can't do it alone. He will bring you out of your darkest hour. He will grant to the peace you couldn't find. Trust in the power of his name.

This post is as simple as I can make it. Jesus is the unique solution to ALL our problems. There is nothing under the sun that Jesus cannot handle for us. He is a healer, deliverer, protector, provider, etc. He will make his power complete when he shows you how good he is in your life. Jesus is the good shepherd who will do anything for his sheep. He wants to intercede for you and I. Jesus knows that we alone have none of the tools to walk this life on our own. There is trouble and turmoil waiting for us at every turn. We are troubled of spirit at all moments. The peace you are searching for is able to be found. Ask yourself where are you looking for it. If you're looking in this world, you'll search forever. Call upon the name of Jesus and your search will end. There is power and truth in the name of Christ. He is the same Savior yesterday, he is the same today, and he will be the same FOREVER (Heb 13:8).He never let us down then. He will never let you down now and will continue to anoint your life until the day of your death. Amen to the Savior we serve...Be Blessed..

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