Monday, August 23, 2010

Stay Faithful to Christ, He is Always Faithful to You..

No matter how bad it looks, have faith and believe in the power and authority of Christ. It only takes one word from Christ to change it all around. You will be satisfied.

Ask yourself, do you really have an unwavering faith in Christ? Are there things that prevent you from giving it all to Christ in prayer? Do you believe in his power? My friends, I hope that you do have an unwavering faith in Christ. Think about it: Why shouldn't you? Has he not taken care of you before? Has he been the comfort you needed time and time again? He has been all those things and more to you. When you're praying to Christ for anything, are you confident in his power? I know there have been times I haven't and it showed. Then there were times when I wasn't and he STILL did it for me. I'm sure he's done that for you once or twice. My friends, and even myself, we all need unstoppable, unrelenting, and unquestioning faith. Believe that he will do it for you. The power of Jesus is instant. If he has answered you before HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!! Never,ever lose faith no matter how bad it looks. In 2 Corinthians 5:7, it says, " We walk by faith, not by sight." I need you to believe that Jesus Christ is power.He is always been the source of our strength. You will be satisfied. When Christ intercedes on your behalf, you will never almost be satisfied. Jesus doesn't solve part of the problem. He fixes it completely. Friends, I ask that you make a few minutes to spend with Christ daily. I believe if you do this, this will truly aid in building a stronger relationship with Christ. You will never have an unwavering faith...Be Blessed Saints...

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