Monday, December 20, 2010

God Makes Promises..and KEEPS THEM

God fulfilled his promise by sending his son Jesus to be born. God will fulfill all his promises to you through his faithfulness, compassion, righteousness, & peace. Let God take the lead in your life. Set the path in your heart and let God order your steps.

God kept his promise to send us a savior. Isaiah was talking about it even in the old Testament. He even prophesied from who's family will Jesus come from when he is born. God let him know these things years before Jesus birth and it happened. God will keep all the promises for you as a child of God. God promises to be faithful to you as his child. Was God not faithful to Christ? God heard his prayers and helped him in every moment of his life. God promised he will give you compassion. God's chosen people sinned against him repeatedly of the SAME SIN. But every time they called on to the Lord, in his faithfulness he helped them. He was compassionate because he know what they deserved but he was always willing to forget their transgressions in order to show that he is still their Father and he cares. God promises us righteousness, justice. God is not a God who cares how great you look on this Earth. Do not be jealous of those who have much more than you. Be grateful that God has not let you go without. He has been faithful to you to give you what you need to make it and and to be awesome. Continue to seek him with your heart. Not just with good deeds but with your heart. Lastly God gives us the promise of peace. This is a promise we all seek. Sometimes our lives our so calamitous that we can not even take a moment to think about the simplest things. God granted Jesus with the peace to do great things even in the midst of trial. We can be granted the peace we need to stand up to our trials or the peace we need to simply enjoy the great things around us God has given. I pray that anyone who doesn't know the promises of God, seek God and build your relationship with him. NOW is the best time. Do not delay. God is waiting on you and happy to have you..Be Blessed..

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