Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Problems???....Bigger God

My encouragement is for you this week is to stand up to your challenges and keep facing them. You may get pushed back but ask God for the strength and will to drive forward. You can do it. You've always been good enough to do it. God will give you victory. You may doubt yourself but NEVER doubt God.

We all have challenges which can get us so far down it hurts to even think about it. It hurts us so bad we can't find the motivation to face all of our other challenges which have been barriers to us. I'm asking you to stand up to those challenges head on with courage. You may get pushed back but you drive forward. Invite God into the midst of your problems. You invite him in the midst of these trials to take on the battle for you and with HIM. Not with you because the battle has always been the Lord's, not yours. You can do it. You are good enough to do it. God is powerful enough to help your ambition become a reality of triumph. You may have doubts in your ability but NEVER doubt what God can do. God is awesome all the time. Psalms 25:3 "No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame." That is a promise and a fact. Believe in this. God says in Isiah 45:22 " Turn to me and be saved..." God is saying just follow and I will handle your problems. There is no other but God...In the words of Marvin Sapp, " There’s no question of Your greatness, no searching of Your power." God is all of our help. So this week, confront your problems. You can do it. You have the best help that can be offered. Your problem may not be resolved this week..DO NOT GIVE UP ON IT!!! Not all of our problems are simple. Some may endure but God will endure with you. Trust him and praise him everyday that you are able to confront these problems. There are days where you will want to quit but praise him everyday that you still push forward. NEVER STOP TRYING. GOD HAS NEVER QUIT ON YOU...Be Blessed...

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