Monday, January 17, 2011

Keep Fighting..God is Fighting with You

My encouragement to you this week is to fight with everything you have against the discouragements that surround us. Ask God to be all of your help. The power and grace of God knows no boundaries. It may be hard but never quit. You WILL fall but you WILL rise again. God is faithful to you. He will honor your faith.

We all know the lyric, "It ain't over...until God says it's over." How many really understand that? Do we really take that to heart? Do we really believe that God will do what he says he promised in our lives? Do you question that? I'm asking you to believe in God 100%. Unfailing. It may look very bad in your present circumstances but never give up on God.
My next exhortation is to you as Christians. Be willing to put up a fight against the things that that discourage you. Fight with all your heart because you may be in the fight of your life. You will never be satisfied by just waiting with no action. You have to be willing to fight through your discouragements. You will fail a couple times and that's OK. I know failure is very hard to deal with for anyone but your failure will make you stronger and wiser. You will rise up to fight back without a doubt. God will honor you faith to him. Go will provide you with the power you need to be great and to triumph. This life will be filled with problems but with Jesus we know that we will be triumphant in the midst of those problems. God will never place a burden on you that you cannot bear. He will build you and your faith to fight against your discouragements. As the song It Ain't Over says, " Keep fighting until your victory is won" Your perseverance in Christ will be the difference. God will not let you be defeated because nothing can defeat the power of our Father..Be Blessed...

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  1. It took me a long time to realize that when I was running around, trying to make things "happen" I was't relying on Him... I wasn't trusting Him... & now I catch myself when I start to get anxious or worried...

    It's sad because most ppl think "it ain't over til the fat lady sings"... they don't think of God.