Monday, May 23, 2011

Order My Steps...Your Plans For Me are Perfect...

My encouragement to you this week is to let God's way be your ways. The path may be unknown but God will never take you to a destination to fail.

"Your plans for me are perfect,I never need to fear,For though at times I feel alone
I know that you are near,My heart just longs to follow, I'm willing to obey, Take my hand and lead me, I follow all the way." I love these lyrics. They are from the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir from a song called Lead Me Lord. I love the 1st lyric. Your plans for me are perfect. More often than not, I feel that we forget that. we see bad things happening to us even when we are trying our hardest to be our best for the Lord. we get discouraged and we try to make some things happen. THEN WE COME BACK TO THE LORD when our way has failed. We feel, this can't be God's plan for me. Yes, it is if you are acknowledging him along the way. God may take you through trial to test and reaffirm your faith in him. God's plan for us are perfect. It is hard to see that at times. But trust God who took you to the mountain top to remain with you when you are in the valley low. He is faithful!!! He is understanding. He is willing to leave the throne and move mountains for his children.
Does your heart long to follow? I pray it does. If not, ask yourself what is the problem? Ask yourself what is making you hesitant. It is very hard to take the first step, but it is worth it. When our steps are ordered by the Lord, we take steps all in the best direction. Please trust and understand that. God has given us the promise he would never leave us and that is a true promise. Psalms 119:15 I will meditate on your precepts and follow your ways" Let's meditate on God's goodness in our lives to this point and let him take control. This is a prayer for myself as well. I am not perfect. I want to continue to grow with the Lord and I pray that is your heart's desire too...Be Blessed...

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