Thursday, June 2, 2011

New problems...Same Faithful God....Call Him Up!!!

My encouragement for you this week is to renew yourself in Christ daily. No two days are the same. We grow weary. But don't grow weary too call on Christ. Christ will refresh you. We've seen his work in our lives before and we will everyday we call to him.

Everyday is not the same day. period. We may carry some of yesterday's burdens into tomorrow but no days are the same. Yesterday's burden may not be a burden tomorrow or the day after that. We don't know if it will. We may be riding on a high for life. But that doesn't mean that it will last too. We need God daily. That will never change. NEVER. That will always last. We grow weary in life. Very weary. We need a renewed strength everyday to tackle on the new onset of challenges that may arise daily. Some may say life is good for me now, so I'm good. That's ok. But pray God continue the good work he is doing in your life at this moment. The prosperity that you enjoy is only because of the goodness of our Lord and Savior. the peace that you have is through the goodness and grace of the Lord. Then there are some of us who grow ever so weary. We grow tired with our day to day struggles or the new ones which arise. Call unto God and ask him to give you a renewed strength and a renewed mind to take on the onset of troubles which may present themselves. God will help you at all times. Take time and reflect on all that God has done for you thus far. Your current trouble is no different. If God was faithful then, he will be ever so faithful now. If God was with you when you stood tall, God will truly be with you as you are humbled to your knees by constant troubles. Remember who God is and that he has no limits on what he can do for you. It may take some time but the hope you build in God will grow perseverance and perseverance will grow your character. Then at the very end, he will take away the pain which afflicts you. God is an awesome God. Never lose faith in the ability of out Father...Be Blessed...

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