Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Realize God is a Full-Time God

My encouragement to you this week is to live KNOWING God has the ability to move mountains in your life for your happiness and will battle everyday for you!

A lot of us get caught up in being "aware" how good God is and how good he can be for us. We are " aware" that he is the one that is supposed to be all of our help. We at times just tend to forget to live that way at all times. God is not a part time God in our lives. Neither should our faith be part time. Live knowing God can do so much to add to our lives. he can do so much with even so little. Our ability is painfully limited especially when we can't think straight. God is always thinking clearly and is always of righteous judgment. He can discern all the great things for our lives.God knows we will have hard times AND YOU SHOULD TOO. LIFE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE GOLDEN!!! You need to know this!! BUT that doesn't mean God will not work towards giving us happiness. there are times we are just so blind that we won't pay attention to the blessings that come along the way. We want our blessings the way we want it but fail to see what God has worked in the midst of your situation. We all do it. I was concerned last year about being broke with no job last summer. How will I pay bills? Well, I didn't pay all of them but i was able to pay the ones I needed to. Then a few months later God provided a steady gig along the way. Little things like that I neglected because I didn't have what I wanted how I wanted it. But God was working with me along the way and has blessed me soooo much. God will move mountains for us. Every day felt like an emotional tug of war but God won the battle for me which I know he can do the same for you but it our responsibility to live in the promise for God in our life!! WE HAVE TO STOP PAYING LIP SERVICE. If you are going to believe in God and his ability, that should never change when something happens. Seriously...Be Blessed...

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