Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God is Great and So are You!!!

My encouragement to you is to be AMAZING! You want the best for your life and GOD wants the best for your life. Cast your cares on God. Drive relentlessly to your dreams. Let God use you, lead you, and help you in every way. Stand with God. You won't be defeated.

You have the ability to be amazing. You are already amazing even when you are feeling low about yourself, your life, and what may be going on with your life. Don't count yourself out. You are an amazing person! Yes you are! You can maximize that potential. Make a decision and let God lead the way. Let God take the wheel and take you where you want to go in your life. You work hard at whatever hurdle you are trying to leap but let God help you, use you, and direct you in that direction. God is amazing. God is a force that cannot be ignored. He has LIMITLESS potential to turn things around in all of our lives. God will use the potential that we have an grow it into something that we couldn't even imagine. Look at the lives of those who were buried in sin that YOU KNOW and have made tremendous changes to become so great. That is no accident. That is the power of God. God took something in them and used it to be great. They made the decision to give it all up to God. You have much potential! You have talents! You have something special in you that God wants to use right now! Give it to the Lord. While the Lord is working hard, you work hard too! You drive and drive until the journey is done. Don't stop. Press and press to that dream of yours. You are great enough to do it and if you let God lead the way, you will not be denied!! He may take you a way that you didn't see but it's the path that you were meant to walk. You will no be defeated!! You may stumble but you'll make it happen!! Be Blessed..

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