Monday, September 26, 2011

Keep Going..God Will Never Fail You!!

My encouragement for you this week is to Keep Going. Keep Going toward the many goals you have for your life. Lay the TRUE desires of your heart at the feet of God and press forward in faith, knowing God can change things! Meet god in prayer constantly. Tears will be shed. Work will be required. But God is victorious and so shall you be victorious!

Good morning everyone. How many of us are in situations where we don't feel we even have the last ounce of strength to move forward? Keep GOING!Keep going forward please. Don't you dare quit because this is the most critical time of your pain. This could be the moment where you are feeling lost. This could be the moment you feel you are doing all that you can and nothing is working. Saint, you have to KEEP GOING! Lay those desires at the feet of God even if you have 100 times already. God is listening. Keep knocking at his door. God is going to open it up to you without a doubt. God is going to change things! Can you press forward in faith believing that? I know it's hard dealing with constant pain in your mind, your body, and your spirit. Keep going because things are going to turn around. The strain of not knowing when but when you reach the goal, it will be worth it. Spend time with God like you never have before. God is made to bear our pains. God is there to help us press forward. god is there to change our sorrow into hope for tomorrow all for his glory and YOUR HAPPINESS! I know it can be hard to and such a daunting thought to think that we may suffer a while longer but God will give you victory. You will never be able to equate God's name with failure because God doesn't fail and God won't fail YOU!!! You will cry but don't quit. It's never worth it to quit on God because God has never made it in his mind to quit on you!!! EVER!! Keep going because you will make it!! You will get to where you are going. Press forward with faith! It's the right thing to do!!..Be Blessed...

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