Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God will Establish You!

My encouragement this week is to remember God establishes a faithful person. As we go through hard times, God is there with us. You're never alone. He PROMISED to take care of you. God KEEPS a promise. KEEP PRAYING! Praise Him good and bad! God will ALWAYS be there. He is a Provider! He is a Deliverer!
God will establish you as his faithful servant. Do you believe that? Do you trust God to provide for you and establish the plans of your life? I hope so. God will establish the work of your hands because you are the work of God's hands. God will not abandon his work! God leaves no job unfinished. God will establish you as His faithful servant because of your faithfulness to God. Be faithful to God in all of your works. Be faithful to God not when things are just looking promising for us. We have to lay our requests at God's feet at all times. We have to believe in the impossible for us is NOT impossible for God to change. Don't place the same restrictions on God that we have on ourselves. God all powerful, all gracious, all wonderful. God promised to be our Father, our Healer, our Everything we need! God will fulfill his promises! God has fulfilled them before and He will continue to fulfill his promises in your life. 
God KEEPS a promise. He did it for Abraham. He did it for those waiting on Christ. He did it for Noah. Keep praying at all times. Prayer connects us with God. Prayer keeps us very close to God and it keeps us on the right track in our lives. Our prayer leads us to live a life of integrity. Our prayer leads us to live a life in true faithfulness. Faithfulness which help us trust that God will keep a promise to us when he declares it. God will bless us beyond measure. He always does! 
Praise God good and bad. Why even in the bad? When we praise God for what he has done for us before it will help us focus in our minds that if God has saved you before, he will surely save you again! Praising Him at all times will affirm your faith! Affirm that God is more than able to make OUR IMPOSSIBLE....POSSIBLE!! God will always be there. When we can praise the Lord in our despair, it affirms that we are truly faithful and trust God will establish His faithful!
God is a Provider and a Deliverer! God will deliver you from all of the things that afflicts you! God will provide all of the help that we need to be a success in this life. God is a good God. God is a more than gracious God. Expect the most from God because He has the best plans for our life..Be Blessed..

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