Thursday, December 1, 2011

Act on God

My encouragement to you this week is to act on behalf of your faith. If you have prayed about it, act on it. Whether that's doing a little extra or showing some patience. Trust in God to get you there. God will get you there. And where God places you, no one shall overtake you!

I'm sure some of you today are dealing with very tough situations. I'm sure that some of you feel lost, defeated, hopeless, and afraid. Afraid that things will never change. Hopeless because you've prayed and cried for so long. Defeated because you thought you won and you're still fighting. Lost because you just have no direction where to go anymore. I know because I find myself feeling this way. But I know God is a God that never lies. My God is strong and mighty. My God is faithful! I serve the ONE, TRUE, LIVING God! My God lives through me and in you! Show your faith and be ready for God to work for you. God is good. God is faithful. We must trust God to take care of us all. We have to act on our faith! For some of us it may be the equivalent of doing something extra. It may be that there is a decision we are afraid of doing. A move we are scared of making because we don't know the impact on our future. Pray on it. Pray God show you an answer! God will. Whatever God says, try it! God will show you something! God will make it work solely for you. God is good. Or maybe we have to wait. Delayal does not.mean denial. You think God wants to deny you peace and happiness after you've prayed and cried so hard??? No! No loving parent does that. But wait on the Lord. Be patient with God. Be patient with Him as He has been with you. God won't disappoint you!

And remember, where the Lord puts you, no one will take you down. God is going to do something for you that no one can do SO THAT He receives the glory. The battle you feel you've been losing, God will win it. And to the Victor goes the spoil. All glory and honor will belong to God. All the good He wanted to accomplish by taking this fight for you will happen! You have to keep remaining hopeful. You're tired and feeling beaten. God will give you life! God will give you strength! Hold on! Pray without ceasing. Live in some hope that only you and God understand! Act on your faith! And when God delivers you, tell someone SO THAT God gets the glory. SO THAT others who are struggling knows God is alive because of what God has done for you. Don't stop praying! Keep fighting! Keep pressing! Remain living in faith!! I love you all. Pray for me as well so I can stay strong....Be Blessed...

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