Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make it your Mission to be Healed!

My encouragement to you is to stop focusing in on the pain and put all your energy in the healing. I know it hurts but I know your pain can be healed! Make it your mission to be healed. PRAY for direction! PRAY for empowerment! Cling on to your vision and WORK at it no matter what it costs you!

I know what it feels like to be in pain. I know what it feels like to have a feeling of despair like your situation seems unchangeable and there seems there is no way out. I know that pain and still in some areas am still suffering from that pain. But at what point do I become so tired of the pain that I do what I MUST to end this feeling? I have to end this feeling! I have to change some things and shift areas in my life to begin the process of healing. That is something we ALL have to do to begin the process of healing. We will have to shift areas in our life and prepare to become very, very uncomfortable. I know that is not a great feeling but why live in the comfort of misery? That is no way to live. We can get upset at ourselves and how our life is but look inside yourself and ask, am I so tired of it that I'm ready for change? Ask do I like the makes me feel about myself and my life? If you know the answer is no, instead of allowing yourself to become disappointed in yourself, commit to healing this pain. when you are healed from pains, it adds another aspect of freedom and peace to your life. Freedom from that hurt, guilt, and misery. Peace from that uneasiness and sadness in your life. But you HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE. You will not get the most out of your life sitting on the sideline watching your pain beat you down. Make it a mission to be healed! A mission! It is not a mission impossible either!
PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Pray for the direction to go because when you truly resolve your mind to change the pain, you need direction. Ask God to direct your paths. God has a way already prepared! The way he has may make you very uncomfortable but it is all for your betterment! When you learn to stand strong in the midst of a storm, not being blown in every direction, you can drive forward. The storm may slow you down but don't let it stop you for a minute. You may have a setback but you keep going forward. Keep praying. keep talking to the Lord. I promise you, that he planned for this and He will get you through! Without a doubt! Pray for empowerment! Pray that you get the strength you need! You will have it. God has sustained you. Now it is time to get up and push forward!
Cling on to your vision. If your goal is to be free in this amount of time or just making steps to your healing, yo hold on to that vision! Hold on and don't let go! This has to be at the top of your priority list! This can't just fit in somewhere in the goals for your life. this has to be at the top. Is it going to cost you some time, some more pain, and energy. But what will happen in the end is so worth it! To walk around with confidence, joy, and a new song on your mouth will be such a rewarding feeling!..Be Blessed...

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