Monday, January 23, 2012

Take Action! God will Guide You!

My encouragement to you this week is to be great on purpose! Give your visions to God, keep praying, and GET TO WORK! You WILL stumble. It's OK. You WILL cry. It's OK. Be courageous. STOP living in your dreams and START changing your reality!
 Be great on purpose. There is no need to tip toe about all that you really want to accomplish in your life. You are an amazing person. You are a great person full of amazing potential. Amazing potential that is inside of you that all of us have a tendency to limit. We limit ourselves out of fear, self-doubt, and various other personal reasons. Take the limits off and get to work! You have a vision for yourself. You have a vision on the change that you would like to see manifested. I'm asking you and pleading with you to take it to God. Let it all out to God the vision that you have for yourself! Cry, scream, and be open with the Lord because He already knows it causes you trouble. Now it is your turn to trust Him with your vision! Trust Him to make a way for you! Pray about it daily. Some days will seem more progressive than others but that doesn't mean God isn't leading you! He's there!
Get to work! Anything that you want to see changed in your life will not just happen. If you have a vision to raise your bank account, get a new job, lose weight, or grow with God, etc will not just happen without you doing something about it! You have to act! You have to move! You have to shift some things around, all the way around at times, and get set out on this mission. You can't receive your blessings without action. You don't fall backwards into success unless you're just that lucky. And even then you have to move to fall backwards! So you need to get to work!
I want to warn you though than this is going to be a struggle. You WILL stumble. It's OK to stumble along the way. You just get back up and keep going at it. Adversity is there to form strength in us. It helps us become more resilient. God is with you too. He won't let you fail. He has never failed so you won't fail! It may not come exactly how YOU want it but expect it to come. And yes your adversity will cause you some tears. It hurts sometimes to go through these tough situations and our obstacles seem insurmountable.It's OK to cry. We all have cried once in our life from pain. That's fine. It doesn't mean you're weak. You're human. Don't get discouraged. Keep going and I promise you'll make it where you need to be. Stop chasing these dreams in our minds of how we hope our lives should be and start changing the things that you can change about your life. Have some courage. "Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action." So it's natural to have dreams for your life but why not make them real to you? You have the ability in you because you are an amazing person full of so much potential. You got this!...Be Blessed..

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