Friday, March 30, 2012

Challenge Yourself to Be Positive!!

My encouragement to you this week is to NOT let yourself be a casualty to your negative thoughts. Challenge your mind & your heart to believe in the best for your life. Pray for strength. Keep encouraging yourself, knowing God will come through for you! Decide to live expecting the best for yourself AT ALL TIMES no matter what obstacles are before you!
Don't let your mind make you go CRAZY! Don't let your mind be a great weapon formed against BY YOURSELF. You cannot become a casualty to negative thoughts. To thoughts that tell you: "I can't do this",  "I'm too weak", "I should just give up." Why do that? Why? You are only hurting yourself more and more. Stressing yourself to a point past your control. Challenge your mind and heart to see that hope still lives. There is a way for you. You have power. Sometimes your hands are tied but the hands of the Lord aren't. He can do things for you that will blow your mind. God can blow your mind when you allow God to be God and carry your faith on your sleeve. Wear your faith proudly remembering you CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Not possibly can do or might do, CAN do. You need to pray and believe that all the plans you have for yourself are going to happen. It may not happen as soon as you want it so pray for strength. Strength to hold your mind together. Strength to be patient. Strength to move forward no matter what. You have to call God on your side. You have to embrace God to be what you need Him to be for you. You have to hold on to your hope just as much to a higher extreme as your faith. It's one thing to believe in God but it's another to trust Him and EXPECT Him to work things out for you and to let your life show that you trust Him.
Start living and expecting the best for yourself. Too many times we are better at expecting the worst outcomes rather than the best outcomes for ourselves, even those of us who say "I trust God." Ask yourself, "If I trust God, why can't I see that He wants me to live in happiness?" "If I trust God, why do I believe in the most negative aspects of my life than the hope of God coming through?" We cannot live a contradiction. I don't write these words to call you a hypocrite or anything like that. I write them solely because WE all have to evaluate ourselves and make sure we are doing our best to stay focused on the best for ourselves. Live expecting God to come through. Live expecting a great thing to happen for us in a major way. But we have to confront our obstacles and choose to remain positive. Choose that! Read inspiration daily. Meditate on it. That goes from the Bible to just great words. But you decide to live! Be blessed...

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