Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Best You Possible!

My encouragement to you this week is to devote yourself daily to becoming to the greatest you possible! Push through your pain, work on your shortcomings, and build on the best things about you. Pray on it. Ask God for His help to make it a reality. But every day: Be a Better You!
This is one of my many mottoes I have for myself ,"Always be better today than who or what you were yesterday." This is a motto I would hope that everyone in some form or fashion has for themselves as well. Everyday we should be learning. Everyday we should be growing as a person. Everyday our wisdom should be increasing. We have to devote our self to being a great person everyday in life filled with so many obstacles. I know that it is tough but we must do our best any way because that is what will help us grow in character, in endurance, and in faith in God and self. And faith in yourself is very, very important. Faith in God is highly important. We need both of these to get past our obstacles which hold us back from being great.
You have to push through your pain as well. I know this can be such a hard feat for a lot of us when the pain feels like it is so surmounting and it is that bad. The pain very well may be that bad as well. I'm by no means saying it's just an issue in the mind. It can get rough! I know that first hand that it can. But you have to push past your pain in order to get the best our your life. You have to. That means also to start working on your shortcomings. You have to work on those things that you know you can get better at to aid you in being your best. To be the best you possible we have to progress daily in order to actualize all that we want to be in life. So progress is daily and daily we all can be a bit better. Then we have some great things about us already there. Cultivate those gifts and build on them. We have to build on those great little things about us that make us great. Don't even think for a second there is nothing special about you. We all have been blessed in some way and you have been too! Build on the good things about you. Build on the nice traits about you. You so much there to value about yourself. Harness and build on those great things to make you so much better for everyone else. 
In all of these things, take them to God in prayer. Trust me God can make everything you want to get better into a reality because He is just that faithful and that good to us. God wants us to be great in our lives. He knows that pain WILL happen. It will. But God promised to be faithful and pull us through and lift is up into something special. We have to work everyday at it and pray on it. It will happen if we continue to work at it. I promise you. If you are willing to struggle, than you are willing to be successful...Be Blessed...

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