Thursday, November 29, 2012

God Never Comes Up Short

My encouragement to you this week is to be confident God's grace is sufficient for you. God will never come up short in your life. Keep praying with confidence. God will show up with the perfect solution for you. Work on your issues. He will order your steps. Don't quit on God. He has NEVER quit on you!

God never comes up short. I had to start this blog off with that notion. Some of us are lamenting at our problems wondering why God hasn't fixed them yet. We will get a blessing but not "thee" blessing we are waiting on. But even in that God never comes up short. God's grace is sufficient for you. Sufficient means adequate for the purpose; enough. It also means competent. I look at that last word competent. It loosely means someone who understands what is going on. God is competent. Beyond competent. He knows exactly how to bless you, when to bless, and what to bless you with at that moment. The Lord is strong, mighty, and gracious. He will not come up short in your situation.

But do you believe it? Do you believe that God, full of grace, can take the best care of you and your situation? Some of us have been stuck in our mess for weeks, months, and even years. We feel God must not love us. We feel even God has abandoned us. We feel we are the problem as to why God hasn't saved us yet. Therefore, we stop praising. We stop praying. We stop our gratitude to God. We won't do anything until God shows us some kind of sign. Brothers and sisters, this is wrong. God loves us even when we mistreat Him and He won't ever mistreat us the way we do Him. We must pray with confidence God will show up because He will. We must keep a praise in our mouth because soon it's going to mean so much more. You have to keep praying that God will use you, God will change your life, and God will never come up short. God's grace is something we don't even deserve. We have done nothing to earn it. Nothing. But His grace is out of His love for us. It works!

You keep working on the issue and and know God has your back. God always has our back if we keep God in the situation! God can do much if we keep Him in the midst of the storm! God has a perfect solutionsl for you. But how can you see God if you aren't trying to put Him in the situation? How can you expect God to lead you when you won't allow yourself to be lead?? God has many blessings in store for you but you can't quit on Him. He won't quit on you. He won't turn His ear away from you. He hears your cries and He hears your prayers. God will work out the situation. Not according to our will. Because if that's the case we would have worked it out a long time ago. But we can't. We can only trust God is working on our behalf and He will come strong for us...Be Blessed..

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