Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God is always on time!

My encouragement for you this week is to accept God's timing. He has a powerful plan for your life. He knows your desires. Keep praying. Keep trusting. He will bless you on time. He will deliver you on time. He will build yourself kingdom on time. Trust God to take care of you perfectly & on time!!

Accepting God's timing is jby no means very easy because you have to wait. We are born in an impatient time where everything has become so instant. We have set our lives up this way. We hate to wait for anything. We take any piece of control in our hands. So through our actions sometimes we throw off God's timing for us through that because we can't accept God's timing. We have to submit ourselves totally to the perfect plan for us because God has one made just for us. Just for you.

God knows what is going on in your life. He knows what you really want. He knows that there are things that you want to change immediately. God has a perfect plan already prepared for you. You keep praying the way thar you should be praying. You remain waiting on God to turn it around in your favor or to open up a door. It will happen on God's time though. He will make it happen on His time so you truly learn to trust Him and to truly understand that His ways are higher than your ways. You must decrease so that you can see God increase in your life. God will build you a kingdom. He will deliver you but it is on His schedule. His schedule because He can open doors that no man can shut. He can make a way a way that no other man can make. Your plans have come to work a little while and fail. God's plan never fails. His blessings never come up short.

Trust God and His timing. Understand what trust means. It means a confident expectation of something. What are you expecting from God? Are you confident of God in for something? Do you have an unflinching hope in the ability of God? If your answer is yes, then accept His timing. Accept that His grace is sufficient. Accept God never comes up short. Trust God will be on time!...Be Blessed...

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