Saturday, October 27, 2012

God is Ready to Build Your Kingdom

My encouragement to you this week is to let God build a kingdom for you. God delights in supplying our needs. Be confident in God! Pray with conviction. Don't be bound by worry. Be filled with assurance your Father is in control.

God wants to build each and every last one of us a kingdom. He delights in it. When we think of a kingdom, we think of a place where all your needs are provided for at your leisure. You don't have to run too far. You don't have to worry about do you have what you need. A kingdom is full of all the things we delight in. God wants to give you all of the things which give you comfortable. But all that is found through Him. We find joy, peace, and deliverance through God. He can build you something special but it comes with requirements.

You must open your heart and mind to have total trust that God can make this kingdom for you. One in heaven and on this earth. We all want to trust God but all of the bad things in our lives take all our attention. We prioritize all of our fears. We prioritize all of what makes us sad but we ask God to give us a kingdom. We ask God to give us peace, with little to no effort. It doesn't work like that saint. God has requirements. You have got to believe in His power to make you secure! We will all worry. In 1 Peter 5:7 it says," Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." He cares about you! He loves you! Let God fix the problems. Let God change it around. You do what's needed of you and I promise the Lord will not fail you. He doesn't lie when He says He will sustain you.

Be confident in God. You have done the best on your own. Give it to one who has no limits on the extent of His ability! He can change it around. And it may be a slow change because you need to grow. Some of us do. I have seen fast changes and some so slow in my life. But I will fix my heart on His plan. I know He can do incredible things for me. I know He will do it. God can supply my kingdom. He can supply for yours as well. Open your heart. You have prioritized the negative things long enough. Give God the same attention. Give God the same priority! He is in control. He is ready to take over and right the ship. Let His Will truly be your Will. Stop saying that without a heart willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice your plans in assurance that His ways will take you further. This time it will be different. He loves us. He knows how to make us a kingdom we will always want to dwell in...Be Blessed...

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