Wednesday, February 20, 2013

God's Image of You

My encouragement to you this week is to build yourself to beeverything you would like God to see. Build yourself to be obedient, trusting, faithful, a servant, and anything else that matters to you annd pleases God. Pray to reach your mark. Give God a servant to take joy in.

Do you ever take the time to think how God may view you? What does God see when He looks at the life you are living at this time? Does He see someone who is standing on His promises? Does He someone who is living in accordance to the precepts set for to us in the Bible? Does God see a person whom He would be pleased with? Or does He someone who has let go of His promises? Someone who is losing faith in His ability? Someone who doesn't want to obey?

I pray none of the latter applies to you. I know sometimes life can turn us around and really get us looking through a lens of hopelessness. We get so discouraged by life we stop obeying the commands set out to us by the Lord.We all will have times in our lives when we get discouraged, depressed and upset with ourselves. We will feel like we’ve let our families, ourselves and God down. But, God is a redeemer. He is waiting on us to admit where we are not strong so he can come in and fill that void and strengthen us through his word and his love. I have been there before. I let alcohol be my God. And it's sad when I think I about it. I do so much in the church. I do my best to promote the word of God and all that He stands for but behind closed doors I wasn't even standing on the very foundation I was promoting. I really had to evaluate is this the way I would want God to look at me if I were to meet Him soon? How can I really push the Word when I myself am not standing on it and all of its promises. I was very angry with life at that time. But that is no way to handle any problem. Like my favorite song in church says," Everything to God in prayer." I want God to see me as a child of His who won't quit on Him. I want to stand on all of His promises. I want to be obedient to the Word. I want to serve others with a clean heart. I want to be a doer and steward of the Word. I want God to take notice and be delighted with me. I want to handle my stress with the Word and the people He puts around me for my counsel.

I pray still to reach the mark because while I have made progress, I know that there is ways to go. I want God to be pleased when He looks down on me. So I have to actively press myself to do what pleases Him. I have to be trusting of Him. This means when hard times come, I have to fix my attitude of life. An attitude of despair in all parts of my life is not one He would be pleased with no matter how much He loves me. Why? Because that's not the spirit He put inside me. That spirit of any despair I grow in me is one I cultivated, not of God. I need to be obedient. I need God to know that I receive His word and I will follow because I know He loves me and that is a way for me to show that I love Him too. Another way is to be a servant. Jesus led a life of service to others no matter how hard He had it. He knew people were out for His life and He still pressed forward to be there for others. Sometimes when we hit hard times, we act like we can;t do a thing for others until we are OK. There is always a little thing you can do. Something as simple as a phone call to someone going through a hard time even though you are in your own mess. Can you sit self down? Think of another. What if God told you to wait in line while He took care of someone else? You see God in many lives simultaneously.

So build yourself up Saints. We are all children of God. We are to be an example of who watches over our growth. I pray everyday we think about being seen through a lens of God as we take on the day...Be Blessed...

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