Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Position yourself with God

My encouragement to you this week is position yourself with God so He can position you in places of His grace. God will soothe your doubts and elevate you when you stand firm with Him. Be obedient and persevere in prayer. God's provisions are always exactly what you need.

Have you positioned yourself with the Lord? Are you standing firm with God? Many of us will say yes we have positioned ourselves with God. Amen!!But have we actually? Let's think about it in terms of war because that's what you may be going through in some way now. There is a General and there are soldiers. We are the soldiers of course. The General sends the troops into battle. The troops know there is a chance for victory or a chance for defeat but no matter what, they trust this General to make the right call to win the war. And sometimes it may look very bleak and all will be lost but do they give up on the General? No. They keep fighting til the end. Now when bleak times come, ask yourself do you stand with the General as faithfully?? Some of us can only say this when things are looking promising. But when it isn't, we wave our white flag on the General and the battle. When you position yourself with God, our General, we see it through the whole way. The difference between God and an earthly General, God will always remain undefeated.

Like a good General, when things aren't looking their best, they will push you and try to soothe your doubts. They will continue to reassure you that something good is going to happen if you stay the course. When you position yourself with God, that's not a wish, it's a promise. Things will actually be OK. The turning point is approaching. Stay the course. God will elevate you to victory. He will place you in places you never dreamed. He will heal your situations and make you better than what you even expected. We all say, " With God all is possible" but do we live the life that represents an unrelenting faith in that statement? When it's hard, do we turn our back on the greatest strategist in history? If you have seen God in victory, then you know He can and will secure another victory when He is in charge.

Be obedient and listen to the General when He speaks. God is telling you don't fear. Listen to Him. God says cast your cares on Him. Listen to Him. God says He will provide. Trust Him. Go to your battles in prayer and persevere in prayer. There is nothing prayer can't change. Perseverance in prayer is a key means of overcoming obstacles. Don’t stop praying about something just because it hasn’t been answered yet. Keep pressing on. This is exactly what Jesus commands us to do in Luke 18:1. He says "Pray and don't lose heart.." God will supply you with all you need to win this battle. But that only comes from a firm positioning with God...Be Blessed...

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