Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Greatness..It's In You!!

My encouragement to you this week is to realize how great you are, even in the midst trials! You are supplied with the strength of God. Don't let the memory of failure tell you different. God hasn't blessed us with mediocrity. God wants you to be great! He will strengthen you to endure your trials and he will empower you to succeed in all your ways!

Realize how great you are. You are capable of great things. I know when we are going through our trials it can be hard to even think of yourself as anything profound. But I want to tell you, YOU ARE GREAT!!! Realize your greatness. God has not made it so that we are to be unhappy our whole lives. We may go through trials that may last for a little while but we will not be condemned to our fates as long as God is involved. God will give you the strength to last through your situation. Believe in God. Believe in his everlasting strength. You have to be faithful so you will have to endure. God deserves the glory and the honor. Give it to him for what he has done for your life. The Lord will endure forever. His Love endures forever. Call to God. God wants you to be great too!! He wants you to be great so that you will know that it is through God's grace your success is given to you...Be Blessed...

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