Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seek the Lord and You Shall Find...

My encouragement for you this week is to keep seeking the Lord amidst the chaos of our lives. The comfort & help God can provide WILL impact our lives in a powerful way. God is always paying attention. Give God your attention and he will give you more than what you can EVER ask for.

In the midst of our chaos, we say, " I don't know where to turn." Turn your face to the same place it should be even when things are not so peachy. Turn your face and your heart to God. It is easy to praise God while we're on the mountain top but always seems to hard to find God when everything isn't so clear. God is the same place he was when you got into your problems. He is there. He is our refuge when we need to be hidden for a little while against more things which tear us down. He is our strength when we need to confront our troubles. Do you know the God you serve. God is enduringly strong. God is imperially powerful. God is impartially merciful. God supplies strength to the weak. There is nothing that the Lord cannot do for you. Seek the Lord with everything that you have. God will never leave you where you don't want to be without taking care of you. You don;t need to keep looking in the wrong places for all of your help. Our God is an awesome God. He is all that we need ....Be Blessed..

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