Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Place TOTAL hope where it GOD!!

My encouragement to you this week is simple: Place TOTAL HOPE in God no matter what it costs you. You WILL fall, God WILL lift you. You WILL cry, God WILL comfort. You WILL lose a little of something BUT God WILL WIN so much more on your behalf just because he knows what it means to you!

This is going to sound crazy, far-fetched, and unrealistic to some of you but I am TELLING & BEGGING you to put TOTAL faith in God no matter what you may have to lose. I know that is not what we may want to hear but that is a big encouragement to you and to myself. It is a task to put faith in something knowing we may have to lose something. But when it comes to God, don't you think that he would have something that much better for you? God will handle the problem accordingly but all to the benefit of you and the GLORY of his name. He will do it to serve as a reminder that he is awesome and he is trustworthy. You may stumble, God will hold you up. You may cry, God is a God of comfort. David even says it in the Psalms, " My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life." (Ps. 119: 50) God wants us to come to him and lay ALL of our burdens on God. He is a God of comfort. As any loving parent, they hate to see their child in pain and will move a mountain just to see them at peace. God is no different. God is faithful to us in a way even our parents aren't. God has mean to move those mountains that your parents don't possess. God has no limits and God has no limits on what he can do for our lives. Place TOTAL hope in the Lord, TOTAL hope. God can make things turn around in our lives. He wants us to live in peace. he wants us to be able to sing to his name with a joy in our heart. He wants us to have a testimony to tell others about the goodness of our Father in heaven. The one who calls you is faithful!!! God is faithful. You may have to wait some time for the breakthrough BUT that doesn't mean you don't have a breakthrough ahead!! Because what God will do for you is always worth the wait!! Faithfulness is one of the glorious perfections of His being. He is as if He was clothed with it..that's what God is. Hope in Him and do your best not to wander off the path God is placing you on! Stay consistent! Live in hope!! As we hope, we will find gifts that God is waiting for us to claim: patience, resilience, peace, and true love!...Be Blessed...

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